Karla LaVey

´╗┐Karla LaVey (born 1952) is the daughter of Carole and Anton LaVey, former High Priestess of the Church of Satan, and current Founder of the First Satanic Church. She has two half siblings, Zeena Schreck and Satan Xerxes Carnacki LaVey. She founded the First Satanic Church headquartered in San Francisco in 1999, which carries on her father's legacy. In addition to holding the title of High Priestess, LaVey was also a founding member of the Church of Satan, which was originally named "The Satanic Church". LaVey acted as the public representative for both the church and her father for the better part of four decades.

On April 13, 1973 Karla met and presented Sammy Davis Jr. with his warlock baphomet amulet on behalf of her father. During this same time she was very close friends with Alice Cooper, whom she would later introduce to her father.

Karla has been featured on television, radio, in news and magazine articles, and has lectured on the subject of Satanism around the world. She can be seen in the films Satanis, Witchcraft 70, and Speak of the Devil.

In 1979 Karla was dispatched to Amsterdam to oversee the International Church of Satan headquarters which acted as a liaison to its members overseas. During this time Karla was given the title High Priestess of the Church of Satan which she would occasionally use in interviews with print media and her lecture tours.

Throughout the 1980s and 90s Karla made numerous appearances on television combating the Satanic Panic that seemed so prevalent for the time. Some of her appearances included the Joan Rivers Show, Ron Reagan Show, 20/20, and 60 Minutes.

On October 29, 1997 Anton LaVey, Karla's father, died of heart failure.

On November 7, 1997 Karla held a press conference to announce the death of Anton LaVey. It was at this time that Blanche Barton (LaVey's assistant/biographer who also gave birth to LaVey's only son, Xerxes), and Karla LaVey announced that they would run the Church of Satan as co-High Priestesses.

Several days later Barton produced a hand written will claiming that LaVey had left all of his belongings, property, writings, and royalties, including the Church of Satan to be put in a trust managed by Barton. Karla contested this will which was later found to be invalid.

A settlement was later reached in which Anton LaVey's belongings, writings, and royalties would be split among his three children and that Barton would receive the "corporation known as Church of Satan."

Karla then decided to continue on with her father's work by organizing the "First Satanic Church" and running it out of San Francisco, just as her father had. The Church of Satan, under the leadership of Blanche Barton, was later moved to New York City, and subsequently transferred over to yet another administration.

Currently, Karla LaVey promotes and sponsors live Satanic events, shows and concerts. She also hosts a weekly radio show in San Francisco.

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