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Jump to new posts Comunism and the associated Threat by Azrael999     28 minutes 40 seconds ago

Id like to start a political debate on something I've been keeping up with. Id like to hear some comments on people's views on the Red Nuclear crisis. Syria Communistic Regime, North Korea Communist, and North Korea Communist. I was wondering if
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Jump to new posts Re: The End. by Creatura Noptii     Today at 11:50 AM

I agree, talking about Satanism all the time would be pointless, and as it is, SIN has her own way of adversity through words. I get her points in her topics, and I don't have her on ignore, but I couldn't help but press her buttons here. Trollz 'n l
Jump to new posts Re: The Aftermarket Afterlife by Dimitri     Today at 02:30 AM

You want one?

Get it here:

In case you couldn't read it (or is removed in due time):

Here's the transcript.

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Jump to new posts Re: T-Fields by Dimitri     Today at 01:53 AM

 Quote: Methinks I previously addressed the concept of "proof", but to recap: It is a process of logic, of algorhythmic deduction, that arguably recognizes patterns of Natural Law in the OU. Such propositons are reinforced through repetition, o
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Jump to new posts Re: Are you a Satanist in public by Niantiel_XIII     Yesterday at 08:43 AM

On the general whole I try to keep it private. Particularly in professional environments. More often times than not I would rather just not be subject to the repetition of ignorance. Furthermore, you never know how people will react to new informatio
Jump to new posts Re: Julius Evola. by CCB     09/20/17 07:58 PM

 Quote: So I began to think of Capitalism as such a game, one that never ends and it's impossible to win. Why play it then?

Nothing ever ends except in eventual annihilation. That's sort of the nature of life. If this causes you to g

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Jump to new posts Re: Heaviest Black Metal I Ever Heard by Herzeleid     09/20/17 01:13 PM

I agree with all of this. As far as I know...or as it looks like that Tom always wrote the lyrics about murder and serial killers, King wrote songs about satanism, anti religion stuff and Hanneman wrote lyrics about war. Seems like everyone wrote thi
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