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Jump to new posts Re: Blast From The Past: Adult Magazines by LoneWolf78     Today at 12:31 AM

@ William Wright Ha! If you notice I said that I was going to be going back once a month now for some other titles that I haven't seen in ages. . That said, I must say that I do like the new Playboy format. The girls have a more 70's natural look th
Jump to new posts Re: Islamic Incest by CanisMachina42     Yesterday at 11:16 PM

Many civilization up to present day practice rape as a statement of victory. Still raping and pillaging.

Primae Noctis (first night rights) was well entrenched in the history of Europe as a noble form of ethnic cleansing.

And th

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Jump to new posts Re: Gender Equality? by ShadowLover     Yesterday at 10:50 PM

 Originally Posted By: Creatura Noptii Originally Posted By: ShadowLoverWhat a load of shit.

This video might do you well.. It uses a TV show example, which in this case is an exception of truthful presentation.

Do you

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Jump to new posts Re: Political correctness, ignorance, and brainwashing by Ubermensch23     Yesterday at 08:37 PM

So I'm a white supremacist now because I desire segregation? Ever heard of the caste system? Okay. Secondly, I'm an Aryan supremacist, Aryans include non-whites, maybe you're not aware of that fact. Nor are you probably aware of the fact that Europe
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Jump to new posts Re: LGBTQ and Satanism. by The Zebu     Yesterday at 08:11 PM

 Quote: Don't feel that you're alone, let this guy give you a blowjob and some words of encouragement, how pathetic. You're weak people, truly pathetic. I hope some muslim blows up a gay club with you in it.

In these troubling times

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Jump to new posts Re: The Best Way to Watch Horror Movies by LoneWolf78     Yesterday at 05:43 PM

 Quote:Anyone have a gander at Peter lately? He's looking more Aquino-esque replete with brows. ;\)

Hahaha...yea I have noticed Peter doing some eyebrow twists.

 Quote: I do enjoy a good psychological thriller wi

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Jump to new posts Re: The Ultimate Goodness and it's impact on True Evil by 2ndHandSatanist     04/27/17 05:25 PM

Oh, is that so? That the samurai was a masochist?

It was that you were an extremely benign entity... it was that you were benign.... it was that you were great.... it was that you were superb.... it was that you were great....


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Jump to new posts Re: What are your opinions on cartoons being evil? by 2ndHandSatanist     04/27/17 05:18 PM

That's an extremely evil link I saw--looks like some bad doing........ like these people:

That should show you that there is some people out there that worship evil....


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Jump to new posts Re: FCC: Adversarial Force to Open Internet by SIN3     04/27/17 11:20 AM

FCC Press Release - Net Neutrality

 Quote:But two years ago, the federal government’s approach suddenly changed. The FCC, on a party - line vote, decided to impose a set of heavy -handed reg
ulations upon the Internet. It d

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Jump to new posts Re: The 600 Club State OF The Union by SIN3     04/27/17 09:01 AM

 Originally Posted By: LoneWolf78  Quote:Good posters also pay attention to who they're quoting. Guess I'm also a good scapegoat...

Oh well, mistakes happen.

(Gasp!) Someone made a mistake by quoting you when it was s

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Jump to new posts Re: "Thief in the Night" and "the Strong Man" by SIN3     04/27/17 08:58 AM

 Originally Posted By: CzeredaThe dude is no thief and will never be one. At best or at worst (take your pick) he can call in 24/7 S.O.S. Revenge Service, which every dumbass can do, even the one who can't get down to untangling his shoe laces w
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