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But hey, if we're having obscure rants to ourselves in this thread, I'll have a go.

People really seriously need to stop calling character witnesses.

I'm not Saint Peter at the Pearly Gates. I don't care about ch

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Firepower had a decent guitar riff; the rhythm and tempo was good. Haven't heard much of the new stuff, but love the old stuff from the eighties.

I prefer the older Metallica, but I suppose I've pretty much grown tired of most of it. I wil

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Jump to new posts Re: 80's Pop Song Cover by aeon6     Yesterday at 03:40 PM

Curious metro Berlin takes a ride where it's needed. Announced with melodious sirens that NYC soon will emulate so as not to traumatise on a 24/7 basis with its screaming and wailing. The big noise.
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Jump to new posts Re: Fucking Kill It Already. by rose070797     11/13/19 01:11 PM

I was always haunted by negative thoughts and this often had a bad effect on my well-being. However, I always found salvation in art: I began to draw and compose stories. Recently, my sister gave me an extraordinary thing that greatly improved my wel
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