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I did a Level One Tantra workshop on the weekend. It was really basic... No sex. Mainly discussion about sex and people's relationship to it, and energy.

I guess, I have always been a fairly sexual person, and a spiritual one, so an inter

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[quote=Creatura Noptii
Defiance is the mechanism of self-ownership in many cases. Non-conformity so often leads to the same behaviour.
This is subjective, but personally I would not equate it on whole with defiance.


Jump to new posts Re: Satan The MGTOW by ShadowLover     Today at 08:18 PM

As a parent I feel I was quite strict, yet I probably allowed some things that would make other parents cringe.

I feel some compromise with children teaches them important life skills. ...Like how to get your way in the world!


Satanism 101
Jump to new posts Re: LGBTQ and Satanism. by when7iseleven     Today at 05:04 PM

 Originally Posted By: Creatura Noptii
Fact is, even objectivity is subjective. Everyone has some form of code they live by, and everything is always subject to that.

Exactly, & that's why equality is nothing more than a fantasy

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If you are in a position to accept or decline assigned prosecutions, that may let you off the ones you dislike, but it also signals to the brass that you haven't got the guts for the tough ones. Again you are unfairly penalized for your ethics to the
Satanism 101
Jump to new posts Re: Society & everything we known is purely subjective by XiaoGui17     Today at 12:25 AM

 Originally Posted By: LahatielMy whole idea that the ideas of Good, evil, "acceptable religions" , living styles and So much else is based on Majority opinion. Get enough People to join behind your idea and something goes from Crazy to Reality.
Jump to new posts Re: Symmetry Breaking by Michael A.Aquino     05/26/17 11:56 PM

Book Review:
Perfect Symmetry: The Search for the Beginning of Time
by Heinz R. Pagels (New York: Simon & Schuster, 1985)
- reviewed by Michael A. Aquino
Runes #III-5, September 1985
Order of the Trapezoid
Temple of Set<

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