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 Originally Posted By: DimitriThe more people that need to be managed, the more complex everything becomes. To the mudane it seems "broken", to the more developed it is a complex ongoing debate to search for a workable middle ground.

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 Quote: I donít think this notion of the aeon is very well thought out or well articulated, from the information I have read.

The one Aeon that most people are familiar with is The Aeon of Horus.  Mr. Crowley and the projected w

Satanism 101
Jump to new posts Re: Worship of Satan by DougSM6661966     03/17/19 10:29 AM

I've only just joined this forum, and I haven't as yet posted to intro myself... I have a good reason for that, I was reading through some of the other posts and I found this one. I have to say, this, more than anything else was like a lightbulb com
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