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Tantrums? So where did I throw a tantrum here?

Please, explain where in the MSS exactly culling is purely metaphorical i.e. means something else than literally killing undesirable people, master (or mistress) of non points and non-argument

Jump to new posts Re: red satanism by X666x     Today at 04:43 PM

Hail satan .. who want to worshep satan in sex with me ..
Jump to new posts Re: So... Trump by SIN3     Today at 03:22 PM

MAGAPILL.COM because the main stream Tabloids are on subterfuge.

Or, if you want a few Bullet Points check that.

You need not be a voter (I honestly don't know why anyone votes) to recognize that the Swamp is Deep, and Trump

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Jump to new posts Re: Panpsychism by Spida     Today at 01:12 AM

 Originally Posted By: aeon6 - Spirit, energy, soul, consciousness: they are synonymous in a lucid context.
You could even append matter to the above and ultimately at a most fundamental level they would all be the same; of the same but not

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Jump to new posts Re: All Projects Link update by CanisMachina42     Today at 12:57 AM

My sister is great at this too.

Said, "Needs more, add a layer. Add trills!"

Right she was. Part 3 has changed yet again.

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