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 Originally Posted By: OxusI think you misunderstood what 'culling' is . . . either that or you are trolling big-time!

Myatt asserts that Satanism requires the performance of acts that are generally regarded as forbidden, illegal and

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 Originally Posted By: Dark Light 444If Iím not mistaken, I think he discusses Platoís forms in Mindstar.
Yes, MindSrar goes into ancient metaphysics much more extensively than possible in or appropriate to the Satanic Bible.


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Jump to new posts Re: What is the attraction of becoming a Satanist? by aeon6     09/18/18 10:28 PM

Wave:particle or entity:archetype are considerations for a multipolar paradigm. An omen of this is the imminent magnetic polar flip during which any number of poles will exist. I would ascertain which entities deserve an archetype representation, at
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Jump to new posts Re: Meaning behind human skull? by CanisMachina42     09/18/18 03:29 PM

It actually symbolizes grass or a field for grazing. See, even 'satanic magic' has a certain amount of xerox copied imagery.

Part of that imagery is for everything to be dead or dying, but more likely because they read it in a book or saw

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