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Jump to new posts Re: Moon Landings: Faked? by CanisMachina42     Yesterday at 03:59 PM

I fucking love when people ask Buzz Aldrin a similar question. He get's really pissed when people accuse him of never walking on the moon and occasionally decks people for it.

And I thought the secret Apollo missions after 18 found weird

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Jump to new posts Cryptocurrency by Dimitri     Yesterday at 03:38 AM

A small breakdown.
Cryptocurrency is just as the name implies. Encrypted currency. Lines of code which can be traded as fiat money.
The difference? The worth, philosophy and set up.

Fiat money is backed through gold and/or silv

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Jump to new posts Re: The ONA: A new light. by Khk2     Yesterday at 02:35 AM

I might further add, that the Temple of THEM has for the past 13 years employed an experimental form of 'Magical Socialism' embodied in a phrase known as 'In Supra Solidarity' (Previously, In Sinister Solidarity). Touched on in my article 'Beyond the
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Jump to new posts Re: Religious Animal Sacrifice by Dimitri     Yesterday at 01:43 AM

Ritual of profit? That's just side-effect.

Slaughter has become a whole ritual if you look at it.
Pigs, cows, chickens all raised and prepared to be slaughtered from birth. Transported, treated and cared for until the day arrives.
Satanism 101
Jump to new posts Re: Dark Light 444 by samowens84     07/18/19 11:48 PM

 Originally Posted By: CzeredaSo the whole thread about just a user? What butthurt you so much that you decided to vent yourself here?

But hey, let's say you're right. What then makes you think you're any less stupid than him?

Jump to new posts Re: Why did you become a Satanist? (Atheistic) by fiendish     07/18/19 06:40 PM

Everything you say is so stupid, I can't even answer to you. I do you a favor by answering to your faulty gibberish. You are an ape with the ability to strike keys on a keyboard. And you're doing very well! Keep up with the good work.
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