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Jump to new posts Re: Top 5 movies by Bella Donna     Today at 04:37 AM

There is so many great movies, that itīs almost impossible to limit strictly the five best movies.

Hereīs however five movies which all I consider my favorites:

a Clockwork Orange
American History X

Jump to new posts Re: Nihilism by CCB     Yesterday at 04:16 PM

 Quote:Nihilism is contrary to nature, it denies the objective impact of oxytocin and dopamine upon the human condition. Oxytocin is love, without this hormone, there are no feelings of love, no relationships or connection. All studies confirm
Satanism 101
Jump to new posts Re: Satan / Lucifer / the Devil ? by Creatura Noptii     Yesterday at 11:21 AM

@LV: Should probably look into it some more. The terms are all used in modern times interchangeably, though when talking Lucifer, you're talking more of the biblical "morning star/fallen angel most beloved by almighty God himself."

I like

Jump to new posts Re: The Pitfalls of Multiculturalism by Creatura Noptii     Yesterday at 11:10 AM

Bit of a tangent, but my point is solid enough:

There's two kinda people in this world: Those who feel its their duty to tell others how to act and behave about every little nuance, and remind people when they're breaking the rules. Then t

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