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Satanism 101
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 Originally Posted By: Madam Semanticsincorrect. All I need is a satanist justifying their beliefs because all we might know that Satanism could be linear to the Flying Spaghetti Monster.

"idiotic submission to religion"

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 Quote: I piped up and suggested that our true essence is the thing left when the nurture and programming we've received during our lifetimes have been stripped away

Those magic words "core self", "true self" are thrown around very

The Occult
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Take 2: edited version.


This may be of interest or not.

Update: Every prediction was wrong. The last hope (The Kansas Jayhawks) was extinguished last night by Oregon. The first prediction to f

General Conversation
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Lol. Ok, you can has the internets.

May you reign over it with the tenacity of someone with a lot of time to kill.

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