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Television & Film
Jump to new posts Re: Legal Weed by Dark Light 444     Today at 07:18 AM

“Least Satanic substance”.....LOL. Did you actually just write that?
Satanism 101
Jump to new posts Re: Are you a Satanist in public by Dimitri     Today at 12:31 AM

You are 27, can't write in proper English and still live at home?
No surprises there.
Clean up your act.

Food & Drink
Jump to new posts Re: Veganism; It could kill you. by TheChess     Yesterday at 02:13 PM

pasta with gallics, olive oil, and chili is a must both for vegan and normal people (: in my opinion a good balancing mix with meat and vegetables is the best way, of course see what the nature offer you in the season. Now for exeample is time for mu
The Occult
Jump to new posts Re: Tantric Sex and Magic by Vallis Daemonum     Yesterday at 12:07 AM

Thank you ShadowLover. I always appreciate good wishes from other Satanists & a good sense of humor!
Jump to new posts Re: Favorite Porn Sites by ShadowLover     11/12/18 11:44 PM

As well as the regular, semi-vanilla stuff, I am partial to animae monster porn. ...Big ugly monsters raping vulnerable women. Therapeutic and awesome!
Jump to new posts Re: Dethroning Satan? by ShadowLover     11/12/18 11:12 PM

This isn't a response to any individual but to the theme of the thread... by someone who came in on the 11th hour... But what stands out to me is the very idea of dethroning something could only come after one had throned it. In which case I would as
Television & Film
Jump to new posts Re: The Best Way to Watch Horror Movies by Zenarith     11/12/18 05:04 PM

 Originally Posted By: Michael A.Aquino Originally Posted By: madvuduskyaCan we re-wind that spook show the temple of set until that scary dude with the weird eyebrows is back under his original handler, that scary bald guy's thumb and all
General Conversation
Jump to new posts Re: Any Other Writers Out There? by Zenarith     11/12/18 01:45 PM

I read the articles you put up, and they were pretty interesting... The article on "Tribalism" was more interesting for me.

I agree with Michael A.Aquino... With the type of content you have written and the work ethic you showed towa

Satanism 101
Jump to new posts Re: Worship of Satan by Zenarith     11/12/18 10:48 AM

Satan in religion is the enemies of God.
I believe that to worship Satin, you would either worship the symbolism of satanism, or worship just one of God's Enemies.

According to the bible and scriptures there were many enemies th

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