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Satanism 101
Jump to new posts Re: Psychic Vampires by Drebin001     Yesterday at 04:26 PM

 Originally Posted By: Czereda
I will forgive you that unfounded and ridiculous statement because you're obviously a noob.

To spell out certain things to you: Stupid people deserve their lot even if they get pwned by a toddler. N

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Jump to new posts Re: HEDWEB by Brother Nihil     Yesterday at 02:19 PM

Abolishing suffering is a metaphysical absurdity. You don't abolish the yin but keep the yang; they always arise together, and can never be separated--no high without low, no beauty without ugliness, etc. But rationalist materialist utopians are noth
Satanism 101
Jump to new posts Re: On the Application of Pentagonal Revisionism by CanisMachina42     09/14/19 10:17 PM

 Quote: "The opportunity for anyone to live within a total environment of his or her choice"

Ok, so you want to talk about application of what Anton said.  This really sounds like a bible study question, but ok, let's t

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Jump to new posts Re: Satanic Temple SAYS '' Half of Satanist are LGBT by Drebin001     09/14/19 05:06 PM

First of all, is that the Zach who made the video on YouTube about tripping on 30 hits of LSD? Ha! Thatís crazyÖ I used to watch his videos all the time years back, when I was in high school. I have some decent blotter right now and Iím getting ready
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Jump to new posts Re: Let's talk about sex... No seriously. by Bartho LeMule     09/14/19 12:55 AM

 Originally Posted By: BelialLucemFereSo, I have been a single dad (my two boys live with me) for 2 years, and, as of February: I began dating (and just having fun😈)again.
It's been going really well, considering most women run in t

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Jump to new posts Re: I miss SIN3 by Bartho LeMule     09/14/19 12:43 AM

 Originally Posted By: Oxus...this pathetic forum. Fuck her and fuck all of you.

Oxus is an example of what happens to a human being when they are unloved and unaccepted by their peers. They get bitter. Or he's bitter because he's a

Jump to new posts Re: ONA and Culling by Bartho LeMule     09/14/19 12:33 AM

A good old friend of mine [Kris] was looking for the Self Immolation Rite Instrumental by Beesty Boy. He asked me if I had a copy. I did... of course I did!

I had the idea of uploading it to archive dot org for other Niners who might not

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