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Jump to new posts Re: American Satan - 2017 by Creatura Noptii     Today at 01:36 AM

I was thinking more of a wild spontaneous devil than a gentleman, but I get it.

Minor keys do sound quite demonic, if your in the mood for such a thing.
I could provide every kind of 'devil rock' but I just like it all.

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Jump to new posts Re: Capitalism and Reputation. by Creatura Noptii     Today at 01:26 AM

 Quote:Capitalism doesn't allow freedom.

Nothing is free. If you want to produce, you must work. You want to eat, you must produce.

You cannot whine about this fact and make it go away.

As humankind indulges in m

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Jump to new posts Re: Varg Vikernes on MGTOW and Feminism. by SIN3     06/23/17 11:57 AM

I think conscious abandon removes the element of choice. At least in part. If you show a blatant disregard for contraception, the easy part is done. What people grapple with, is what to do next. Keep it, abort it, or adopt it out.
Jump to new posts Re: Apostates to Trans Rights? by SIN3     06/23/17 11:55 AM

Pappa didn't raise no fool. I pulled him away *after* the purchase. My Dad was an attractive suave guy. He had that part handled. He was buying me a ticket to visit my grandmother in Virginia.

 Quote:Unfortunately the Army didn't s

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