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Jump to new posts Re: Plastic Jesus by Vigilia_Matutina     Today at 03:09 AM

Marduk made a controversial demo in 1991 titled 'Fuck Me Jesus'.

It got decent reviews by critics and the lyrics were well thought out for a record with that amount of abrasive 'advertising'.

Thought provoking aye?

Books, Media and Literature
Jump to new posts Re: Music Question for Aquino by Michael A.Aquino     Today at 12:03 AM

In the "Books, Media ..." area of the Forum, just go down to the "Favorite Music?" thread. I've got some posts and links there, and there are lots of neat ideas from others there too.

Also go to page #2 and see "Songs to Boo Hoo By" and "M

Jump to new posts Re: Breaking the code: Morality by Czereda     Yesterday at 11:44 PM

I wonder whether it gets broken so often because most people are hypocritical and pretend to be saints or is this due to the nature of life itself. The moral code is something abstract, rigid and general whereas life is complex and full of nuances. E
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Jump to new posts Re: The 600 Club State OF The Union by Creatura Noptii     Yesterday at 08:51 PM

 Originally Posted By: DimitriThe adversity of the past is not the same as the one now. If you fight the battle by the sole reason it became the counter-side, you'll be considered an idiot.

Yet this is how most people act. They do not

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Jump to new posts Re: SC- DYLANN ROOF-Theories-Go 4 It by SIN3     Yesterday at 11:17 AM

Step 1: Shoot up a Black Church
Step 2: Ignite race war
Step 3: Call for removal of Civil War Monuments
Step 4: Host a Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville

Rinse, Repeat

The Occult
Jump to new posts Re: "Thief in the Night" and "the Strong Man" by fiendish     08/16/17 09:08 PM

Well, actually both empires survived. I cannot drag you out of that black hole of history you're being drawn in. You have the right to be mistaken. And you owe this right to whom?
Jump to new posts Re: Satanic breeding rituals? by fiendish     08/16/17 08:44 PM

Actually , I am not sure you're talking about yourself. You do have a vivid imagination.
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Jump to new posts Re: Broke the Alternator by entropicmomentum     08/16/17 06:19 PM

A few leftists on my Facebook have reposted it. In one post it's "punch the Nazis! they are trying to kill everyone!" and then it's "lulz! what a crybaby".
Books, Media and Literature
Jump to new posts Re: Brain Magick by apocatastasis     08/16/17 01:19 PM

There's a certain gleefulness to that Lovecraftian madness that I find fascinating--definitely not something I could withstand, however. One trip to the loony bin was enough for me. At least for now. I learned a lot from it, though--although I didn't
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