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#10072 - 07/04/08 04:35 PM Flame Thrower Hot Rod
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Some video I shot on my digital camera while attending a car show last week. No audio. Quality isn't that great. The flames shot about 60' in the air and the heat could be felt several tiers up in the bleachers. It was unplanned, or I would have brought my movie camera. Enjoy or not. Flame Throwing Car
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#10076 - 07/04/08 05:37 PM Re: Flame Thrower Hot Rod [Re: fakepropht]
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My immensely responsible friends and I used to do this with our street cars, but not as extreme obviously. We would spray a shit-load of WD40 up the exhaust then throw a match up it. While the car was idling the flame would just circle the end of the exhaust but when you sunk the foot it would shoot flames about four of five metres behind you.

It would only last a little while and it would burn out your mufflers but both of these situations have their advantages. When the cops pulled you over there was no visible exhaust modification and also, a burned out muffler made your ride sound sweet.

Of course I do not recommend anyone try this and I would not be one to do it myself anymore being all grown up and responsible. An all tat shizzle leik wo0T ;\)


#10165 - 07/10/08 08:30 PM Re: Flame Thrower Hot Rod [Re: fakepropht]
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This is becoming more and more common. Obviously not street legal, but you can find MOD kits for your car that use your exhaust to shoot 20 foot flames from the back of your car.

Great for keeping those ass riding fagbags off of your ass when you're trying to enjoy a nice ride.
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