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#100817 - 06/18/15 07:40 PM SC- DYLANN ROOF-Theories-Go 4 It
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Haunted cherubic bowl haircut White male Dylann Storm Roof, from no one to DRUDGE REPORT and global news headline Bogeyboy.

A Pre summer eve night during the 3rd new moon in good ole' Charleston, SC had a 21 year old college student on a prescription psychiatric drug go and shoot into a historical Black Christian church killing 9 members-attendees, while allegedly telling a member the killing was that they, presumably Black people were raping his (White women), taking over his country (how are American Blacks taking over USA if they are citizens?), and had to go. The man went on the lamb but was caught at a traffic stop by cops later. Both the media and Pres Obama administration went into factoids mode, the conspiracy underground went into theirs.

Gun control calls activated the 2nd amend patriots and conservatives that the killer was another stooge of a rigged false flag psy op. For several months the operation known as JADE HELM and scores of WALMART mega stores closing and being retrofitted in some place as types of facilities has also fueled the big gov takeover fears making their way into conservative news outlets as a Presidential election year is glutted with off the wall candidates.

A killer misfit on meds with a gift gun, angry his family pestering him to get a job or a patsy in a Fed Obama psy op? Your theories, go for it.

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#100825 - 06/18/15 10:03 PM Re: SC- DYLANN ROOF-Theories-Go 4 It [Re: prodigalsun]
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This isn't Above Top Secret.

But if I read you right some are suggesting a psychic operative manipulated a college student into killing 9 people at a church so the government could take away our guns and inter us at Walmart? What happened to the FEMA camps?

I really don't care otherwise, people snap and go on killing sprees. It happens.

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#100826 - 06/18/15 10:22 PM Re: SC- DYLANN ROOF-Theories-Go 4 It [Re: CanisMachina42]
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I have hard time reading the guy as well. And coming from me___ well do the math. He's not a troll, I know that. He's sincere, and a legit person - which is actually even more startling.

One can forgive the "english is not my first language" excuse - with an "ok, it's definitely not an easy language, go find a similar place that does speak your language"

but whenever this guy posts, even for a person as well-versed in rambling as I am, its scrambled eggs, man - even to me - and that says A LOT. I'm fluent in crazy, and even I had to read his post 6 times and just go "pffffffft - I guess"

There's "good" crazy and then there's___ well___ this! I don't get it either, CM. Perhaps I have not taken enough drugs. *shrugs*
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#113992 - 08/17/17 11:17 AM Re: SC- DYLANN ROOF-Theories-Go 4 It [Re: prodigalsun]
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Step 1: Shoot up a Black Church
Step 2: Ignite race war
Step 3: Call for removal of Civil War Monuments
Step 4: Host a Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville

Rinse, Repeat
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