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#18013 - 01/11/09 11:29 PM Re: What is the mechaism of ritual magic? [Re: The Zebu]
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Well if your Japanese you might think wind came from this guy...

While not explaining the wind or rain comment... I can only hope that paolo sette was reading the post that I linked to, in that post he would have found a link to this... The Black Hole Catastrophe and the Collapse of Spacetime

 Originally Posted By: Nemesis
As for the black hole thing...the only thing that's preventing us from verifying their existence is the inability to see it and study it with our own eyes.

Well that and the facts that they cannot mathematically exist without even more fantastical claims to back them up... See above link...

 Originally Posted By: The Zebu
And for the record, we do have instruments that can detect black holes.

Do we? Name them please...

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#18020 - 01/12/09 01:45 AM Re: What is the mechaism of ritual magic? [Re: Nemesis]
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But we have developed methods of viewing and studying them. The Chandra project combined with the Hubble telescope have already photographed them. Just this morning I watched an episode on National Geographic devoted to black holes. I couldn't find a link online to that episode. But I will share these.

black hole 1

black hole 2

black hole 3

black holes 4
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#24092 - 05/03/09 08:17 PM Re: What is the mechaism of ritual magic? [Re: BlacKAcRE66]
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Firstly, what is Magic?
The Art of causing change in the equilibrium of the subjective universe in order to produce a proportionate change in the equilibrium of the objective universe.

Ritual magic sets the foundation for change in one's life and in one's being. Sometimes the results of ritual magic can occur almost instantly, sometimes it may take months. However there are instances, especially in Greater Magic that involves self-transformation or ascension in which the results can take years to occur.

Make no mistake though, Magic is real - it permeates everything. The trick is not to let your life revolve around Magic, but to let Magic revolve around your life.

/Andrew Malchus\
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