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#10405 - 07/31/08 07:11 AM why become a politician?
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What motivation can someone possibly have to be a politician?

I can think of 2.

One they want the power. That's very understandable. They won't admit to that though. When these people act, it will tend to be in their own best interest and not mine.

The second motivation is worse. They think they can actually do some good, and personally want to do it. They believe themselves smart enough to know what's best for other people. But by what education and authority? How will they know what's best for anyone? It's rare for people to know what's best for themselves. I know people that are like this in person. They're control freaks. They try to make me do things that could destroy me.

So what can we do to avoid being at the mercy of these greedy bastards and control freaks? Maybe move out to the countryside where the government doesn't really have a presence? I lived in the mountains of New Mexico once. There really wasn't much government or police presence there, people just didn't treat each other like dicks. That was the one real law. Or maybe we can elect in an incompetent who can't convince anyone to do anything. Atleast he won't fuck anything up. I liked Dan Qayle. He was harmless and enteretaining. He said shit like "I don't live in this century"

People ask me if I support Obama, Clinton, or McCain and all I can think about is "why do those people want to be the president?". And I seriously doubt it's for a reason that I would honour. They're fighting pretty damn hard over it too. They have an awfully powerful motivation; to either be a greedy bastard or they really really want to do something that would "help me".

Sometimes I try to rationalize an additional reason why someone would want to be president, or if anyone is actually justified in telling me what to do. I haven't thought of anything yet. What do you think?

#10410 - 07/31/08 01:09 PM Re: why become a politician? [Re: coelentrate]
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Money and power.

And this is really more of a commentary as to how much power the people themselves have turned over to govt. Why do we have a govt of such a size and scope that it can give the political class so much money and power?

Where did they get all of this money? Why do they wield such power? Do you really trust any of these clown to have that much power over your life?

Humans, at their core, are selfish opportunists. This is why power corrupts. The degree of corruption lies in direct proportion to the amount of power the person has access to. This is so universally true that is should simply be seen as fundamental law. Of course, I am never disappointed by people's capacity for self-deception. In it's current manifestation, we can clearly see this in the mass hysteria of Obama the Messiah.
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