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#115541 - 01/15/18 06:49 PM Re: Hate Speech And Political Correctness [Re: Ubermensch23]
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Human error, hence my comment about addressing the cause.

I think people blend right into the technological world just fine. Almost everyone has a phone, toddlers are able to use them better than their parents.

I don't blame democracy either, I actually don't believe it is in effect as much as others would like to. I do agree, there are many foolish decisions being made by people in control, and also by the mass public.

Immortality in 30-40 years, you can't know this. I also believe that we have more capability to mass produce with automation and AI. Problem is, that conflicts with a social system that requires people to work. But people work a lot and still have a hard time getting by.

My whole point was actually just that. Technology does not rid us of our innate destructive nature, it often works to further that end.

#117528 - 11/24/18 03:55 PM Re: Hate Speech And Political Correctness [Re: Czereda]
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 Originally Posted By: Czereda
General reply:

I've seen it on Facebook posted by one of the buddies:

‘Hitler was right’: Fascist protesters stormed city centre yesterday

It is about a small rally of the political activists, called Fascists by the general public, from the National Action, which is a British nationalist group. I don't really want to use the term "Fascist" or "Neo-Nazi" because all too often I have an impression that everyone who dares to express unpopular opinions in public is called a Fascist so that this word has become meaningless. Anyway, they had banners "Hitler was right" and "The refugees not welcome." They were also seen giving "spine-chilling Nazi salutes."

Not many of them but they were spotted by the Jewish News:

Sieg-heiling neo-Nazis demonstrate with ‘Hitler Was Right’ banner

It seems they didn't face any legal troubles for "inciting hatred" and that reminds me about some bigger demonstration of the Polish Nationalists some time ago, when they burned the effigy of a Jew. They weren't punished although some sanctimonious people demanded it.

I just wonder what is so outrageous about giving a Sieg Heil salute or burning a Jewish mascot? In Poland, during various demonstrations, it sometimes happens that people burn an effigy of some politician and nobody makes a fuss about it.

I also think that the reason for the Nationalism becoming trendy is the refugee crisis and the inability of the politicians to deal with it. The anti-immigrant demonstrations aside, there are also cases of violence against immigrants. Then, there comes the political correctness in the form of censorship. When the women in Cologne were sexually abused the police and mainstream media kept silent about it for a couple of days. The crimes committed by the Muslim immigrants were also a taboo earlier. It's not only the matter of the love rhetoric but also the fear of social unrest and the exposure of the ugly truth that multi-culturalism doesn't work. Political correctness and all the attempts at banning the so-called hate speech are usually a cover for the governments' impotence or cowardice.

Many of those groups are created and maintained as "false flags" to discourage legitimate groups from taking hold.

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