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#10659 - 08/14/08 03:12 AM Satanic applications in Politics version 6.66
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I was curious what the Lavey Satanic community thinks about the application of Satanism in our current political system. Is Satanism being applied? and by who in your opinion?

I have spoken with another fellow Satanists (in the closet like me and successful also). We are on opposite sides of the coin. I uphold humanism while protecting my individual rights and liberty while he upholds a form of Darwinism and his individual rights and liberty. Hence, I sway Democratic while he sways Repulican.

I think that people who think like ourselves are rare and we read between the lines while also staying focused on the big picture and that is why we are able to enjoy debates while enjoying the thoughts of another fellow Satanist. From one god to another, we treat ourselves as gods and take responsibility for our own actions.

I am just wondering what people think about this subject.

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#10697 - 08/15/08 11:33 PM Re: Satanic applications in Politics version 6.66 [Re: Jaguar]
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I don't like party labels. I'm more on the humanist/individual rights side, but I stay away from collectivist standpoints. Basically, I am left in my civil rights, but right in my economics.

Personally, Satanism isn't the first thing that comes to mind when I think "politics". It's more of a philosophy bound to the individual than something that should be applied to a large amount of people like politics is.

On the other hand, political decisions are a personal issue at their foundation, so it's unavoidable. Social Darwinism comes to mind. But it saves me a lot of headaches if I think about it without its relevance to Satanism per se.

In other words, I'm probably too uneducated and/or lazy to think hard about it. Individual rights, and removing parasitic societal crutches like welfare, are probably the most I'd ascribe to a "Satanic" political platform, but I'd be cautious about adding much more.

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#12958 - 10/20/08 06:06 PM Re: Satanic applications in Politics version 6.66 [Re: The Zebu]
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As Zebu said, it is an individual thing. Most satanists are selfish to a reasonable degree (in no way meant to be an insult) and usually stand behind the though of self reliance. My views are a tad bit different.

I believe we should be selfish as a society, thus benefiting others in our society. I believe we should only give foriegn aide as a deal for something in exchange or for TRUE allies who have a history of being on our side. We need to focus on advancing our society before worrying about the world. There is much untapped potential in America. Everyone should be given equal education which is carefully monitored for different levels of aptitude. Give everyone a chance to prove and grow, instead of a life of welfare. We'll leave treatment of the those who have been dealt a bad hand in life to those who care. Im not suggesting being mean, but being smart and selective. Instead of giving a dollar to the homeless man standing outside the source of his next fix (drugs, sex, and whathaveyou) but instead give it to the child saving up money for their education or your trusted friend who is in need of help.

The government needs to maintain a society where there are chances for a person to prove their worthiness, but that the shortcomings of one does not destroy the work of another.

I don't believe that either of the candidates have a strictly satanic view, since their is no such agreed upon thing. Personally I support Obama because of his focus of gaining money from taxing the rich to bring equal chances in the fields of education and health care, especially for children. I am also pro choice.

As unsatanic as it may sound, I do believe that not everyone is capable of self reliance and should be helped until they can do so, or put in a place where they wont effect others. A child cannot be expected to be self reliant if they are not provided with an education and good health. I believe that we should sacrifice a bit in order to make more efficient people.

Anyone think that'd be a good enough platform to run in the future?
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