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#10741 - 08/19/08 12:36 PM Efforts of Ordo de Celas
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Terrible only if also the last Christian, if the last pathogene of these, around himself beating and the death spreading,
Pandemic is extinguished, in the reagents was destroyed by us, everybody then can
Man who longs for the liberty given as an ultimatum breathe a sigh of relief, because he will be free of the bonds in the forms
he dogmata got dusty and the fur of the lamb will be able shake itself off finally the old, under which as long as live
must so that he was not discovered under the innumerable ones, accused, excluded, sentenced and postmarked!
So each of us had to hide in the outfit of a sheep or lamb but also a scapegoat before he met the right people, so that he and his true shape are not discovered!
But this time shall be past now;
The natural selection with which they had us wanted to wipe out centuries ago, this starts again now, but we lead this one now
Pointer for Darwin's laws it will be we which throw them into the gene pool, they slowly secure, however, than for useless where
be explained, then wiped out, this one, and no-one will give more of this way because this is a type of the living beings it not
Is worth worth this one lost her entitlement to existence be got, judged other and then sentenced as her and then?
explained the verdicts still has!
This himself and no man would it like to be free for it, will have to ever suffer from it again such a tyrant like the Christian
Lifted up church on the throne of a mankind which did not want a king has; but through this this one woke himself king appointed
this had slept to new life already for centuries and the people it bares its teeth a monster,
we and we are this monster and the day has come now where the tyrant who appointed himself dragonslayer
has and thought he would have killed all hang-gliders, the head bites off, he has overlooked the biggest hang-glider the direct
to his feet lay in wait, only to wake up and bring him down at the right moment?
The dragonslayer, the Christianity, the hang-gliders, and that one had the it operated everyone the alleged blasphemy, deliberate
worked and just still far like us, sworn the prince the faithfulness this one has, this therefore professed is so!
Has the Christianity clapped-outly, no-one believes more, into a God this one die familiarly more let his son,
in his alleged omnipotence and doubting left because he did not have this talent!
He cannot be a God because the word God implies perfection, implies space knowledge and omnipotence and therefore should
where he is perfect a God perfect create, perfect so therefore, anyway, and he does not make it anyway, he creates us,
are these we for what this one the at perfection near close get close, only because make, for us ourselves us us these we are incomplete, shall be the work of a God, a creator which could create nothing perfect? Then there is no God!
The world has its reason nevertheless watching us locatedding in the clouds over us there in itself, no grey-bearded, this one under no circumstances above, the punishments
no-one keeps one watch this preparing for the sins, no, rather been stunted anything but perfect, degenerate nature
this one is and has created us we slowly approach for what this something was never able to be themselves!
Like Thomas Payne it at that time in the French revolution blunt and truthfully opposite its friend
Georges Danton and Camille Desmoulins, said we want to write it down here once more so:
"There is no God because: Either God has created the world or not. If it has not created it, then the world has
its reason into himself, it and there is no God since God only becomes a God that his contains the reason everyone.
God cannot have created the world now, however; then either the creation is eternal like God or it has a beginning.
If the latter is the case, then God must have managed it at a particular time, so God must, an eternity after it
must so have suffered once a change into himself, this one apply the idea of the time to it rested once have got active
lets what both against the nature of God argues. So God cannot have created the world. There we now but blunt
the world knows that we are at least available me or at least that, it and that this preceding after so
reason must have into himself or into something, also hers which is not God, there can not be any God so!"
A doubt = > What if the creation is eternal?
Thomas Payne has an idea also for it in his head.
"She already then is not a creation she more, then is one with God or one attribute, the same how Spinoza says; God then is in everything.
This would not be so bad, but one must grant me that, at all, it is not much around the heavenly majesty, if this one loves
These will Lord get a toothache in each of us which gonorrhoeas have, buried alive, or at least very much
can unpleasant have ideas of it."
A doubt = > A cause must be there!
Thomas Payne has another idea once more.
"Who denies this? But what does who say to us this is us us, then, that this cause, as a God, i.e. as the perfect one?
thinking? Do they regard the world as perfect?
How they want to infer from an incomplete effect on a perfect cause?it
ventured Voltaire just as little with God but to ruin it to itself with the kings, because of this he did it, then. Who nothing does have when once?
Does not know how even to use intellect and him consistently or dares, is an amateur.
God must work once, then, it can create only something incomplete so it has it shunned remain whole. It is not
very human us only be able to God think when working?
Because we must always move and shake to be able to say to us only always: We are! We must God also this
miserable write need? We must - if himself our spirit into the nature of a harmoniously into himself resting, eternal
Bliss sinks assumes at once, she must extend the fingers and knead bread males over table?
Saying us from an effusive love need like us into the ears quite mysteriously. We must this everything merely around us
making God sons? I put up with a lower father; I at least will not be able to accuse him,
that he has had I trained under his stand in pig pens or on the galleys. He in his or I simmer this
about the fate of the world plan simply and movingly kills high!
The incomplete creates you can alone away, then demonstrate God; Spinoza has tried it. One can deny the bad,
but not the pain; only the intellect can this prove God, feeling rebels against it. Remember it: Why do I suffer?
This is the rock of the Atheism. The twitch softest the pain and it moves only in an atom, makes a rip in the creation
from above till below."
The world has its reason
mention this one to ours in the theistic God we! We do not trade utilitarianly, altruistic, we do not accept occult,
Theistic, transcendental, stoic, empirical, pragmatic, solipsistic and pan behaviour, thinking, and philosophy ways!
Ours there are only the limits for the likes of us which our intellect sets us and we become this infinity the border
His is make use as far as at all possible for us, in because we only have very little time on this planet, before we
another sphere pass over and exactly should we therefore we have this one as appropriately as possible for us ourselves this time,
and our brothers and sisters furthermore use for our faith!
This Christianity will this recognize, we are their sword of Damocles, and we threateningly circle over their heads, always ready
they would only give one single empty lie to shoot down, too!
You then prove her God from the morals and these from her God; and do not recognize their own stupidity one day,
by the degenerate one there these imposed it on himself and the weakness. Let's destroy these!
And it is finally then accomplished!
As soon as you have adopted criticism and doubt as a part of your life you also will the himself find the way to us, these, these oppose the will of the people, so contrary to go and stand, the church and all other institutions so one which is against us would which never die of ours by the hand and the will of an exactly the same.
Satanism leads to us exactly like the more extreme interest in the occultism.
We will teach and lead you till you are ready this you can the people teach ours way; nobody should try us to deceive, because we are ready for it against to use these just that force devastatingly buried the heretics and other occultists under the rubble of her lies within the previous centuries, perform and we want to not know any limits in our campaign of the conversion, because our way is the only true one which does not allow any doubts, way it is perfect for him and you will recognize that one of us because it is that one also yours will be. None of the ones who follow this our way will ever let an act of violence follow without reason, these in a civilized manner and politely follow the reputation of the prince because we are also those, the elemental force of the darkness nevertheless lies in us lies, these grant a respite pressed in because we are blessed and labelled with the time of the night by the demons in us the himself approached our birth. We have recognized because where we can find and use this power and we will use it without repentance and this power is raised about every doubt.
Do not be afraid of the darkness, because in it the reason of being lies and you will find it if you follow us. Do not bend your back in front of the priests of the wrong faith and bow and do not scrape in front of the sects of the new time, because all these are transitory, no ravages of time will only the wisdom of the Celas approach, it is immortal.
Ave Satan, ave the shadow of the night.

sorry if the translation of my original is bad ;\)
Taste the Flavour of Rage
-R. Celas

#10749 - 08/19/08 02:21 PM Re: Efforts of Ordo de Celas [Re: Nordgard]
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Oh fuck. I should have realized sooner. You're a self-proclaimed "High Priest of the Order of Celas".... and you're only 18.

First of all, I realize English isn't your first language, but your translation is very hard to follow. It's like a dictionary threw up.

Secondly, you haven't contributed any insight to this at all. An explanation as to what it actually IS would be nice. That way we could get a conversation going.

Secondly, you call yourself a High Priest and claim to follow a Satanic tradition. Really? Who ordained you? How many adherents do you have? Where are your offices located? Or is the Ordo de Celas just an empty one-man show that exists solely on the internet?

I can see where this is headed....
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#10754 - 08/19/08 03:17 PM Re: Efforts of Ordo de Celas [Re: The Zebu]
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Hey Zebu, you should leave this lost soul alone, he does not know what he is saying. i think he is full of crap but we should leave the guy alone, he isnt worth your trouble.
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#10757 - 08/19/08 03:24 PM Re: Efforts of Ordo de Celas [Re: harrison]
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In english, one saying can have many meanings. The alternate english meaning of the first four lines of your poem was"read no further"
#10759 - 08/19/08 03:36 PM Re: Efforts of Ordo de Celas [Re: coelentrate]
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Nice try, but we speak normal english here unless we are in the mood for some misty talk to bash on.
Tough I can get the principal ideas written in it. But it is much more fun when it is written in normal english, it makes things so much shorter and nicer to read.

Btw: my german isn't that bad either so that's why I ask you this question: why the hell would you post the same text twice in different parts of this forum if there only is a difference from language?
Altough I'm not a mod and am pretty new here, I do know from the first time the language here is English.

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#10769 - 08/19/08 07:11 PM Re: Efforts of Ordo de Celas [Re: Dimitri]
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Sorry Nordgard, we do not allow entire postings of drawn-out essays, poetry, etcetera, whether they are your own work or someone else's. A link to a website would have sufficed, and saved everyone from contracting a headache from trying to read the enormous run-on sentence that you posted.

Also, do not simply post something without also contributing your own opinions on it as well, otherwise you are just spamming this board.

I realize that your English needs some work, and you are not the first, nor shall be the last, international member who does not have a firm grasp of the language, but ALL posts are to be made in English. Do the best you can. If you are having problems with translating words and phrases, there are hundreds of free translation services available on the Web, and all of them include "English to German" and "Deutsch zu Englisch".

This thread has been locked.
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