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#11156 - 09/01/08 11:53 PM Re: The Real Deal [Re: £λλ†]
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 Originally Posted By: £λλ†
Sorry but this stuff dates way before any of us where here and yes i can do way BETTER

my family background was a founder in this stuff

alister crowley do a search

I understand you are banned and this is quite pointless now but...


You would think you would've been able to spell your "ancestor's" name correctly, yes?

#11169 - 09/02/08 09:02 PM Re: The Real Deal [Re: Raziel LaVey]
SevenDeadlySins Offline

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Wow, I am disgusted with teenagers sometimes. I'm glad he was banned.
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#11230 - 09/05/08 06:59 PM Re: The Real Deal [Re: £λλ†]
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dude are you seriously trying to quote the bible to someone? I was rasied in a christian household and let me tell you I know all about that god bullshit, god is nothing to me and I didn't come here to hear you talk about it. I am not an expert, I am still learning so I think you need to learn some more also.

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#27404 - 07/23/09 02:38 AM Re: The Real Deal [Re: £λλ†]
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Partially right about Revolations. It was not speaking of the end times per say. But merely the End of the Age of Christ.
The part where Jesus said "Ill be with you til the end of the world" was mis translated. it was orginally "Ill be with you til the end of the Aeon" Aeon ment Age. Christ was the Age of Pises. Soon well enter the next age (which i forgot) but 2012 is rumored to be this transfer. the bible was nothing more then an Astrological hybrid, which was later manipulated to form laws and control the masses.

#27406 - 07/23/09 02:56 AM Re: The Real Deal [Re: bluj666]
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We get Aquarius next. The Water Bearer. An Air sign and mutable. We will see less fish symbolism. But you'll have to look for the video of it here. T@2zz put it up some time ago. Enjoy it.

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