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#108478 - 09/05/16 12:13 PM Breaking Taboo: Jewish Ritual Murder
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Watching this with an open mind does not label one's self as an anti Semite. But it sure as hell will help to soften some of the subconscious guilt trip lending power to the taboos of world war two.
Even the saints were known to imply comedy,
by ridiculing the enemies of the saints.

#108499 - 09/07/16 01:23 AM Re: Breaking Taboo: Jewish Ritual Murder [Re: Gira]
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Not really sure about this one (whether its true, really, or not)

But what I am really concerned about is that the Jews brought their fucking circumcision = genital mutilation to the US hospitals.
Judaists assumed that if they will make that popular - it will be a good prevention of anti-Semitism and US will be a good "kosher" country.
Good thing that the rates of babies being mutilated are declining. Each decade.
And I personally will try to contribute to the process of mutilation declining - as much as I can.
I'd say to any cirtcumciser - Keep hands off infants genitals. Keep the filthy hands off...
I'd say 7 years of imprisonment would be quite a justice for those who condone and perform such monstrous acts.

A scientific fact: that little piece of skin has 3 times more nerve endings than THE WHOLE womans clit.
Can not enjoy the food - is the taste buds on your tongue are absent.
Same story with sex. Most sensitive area is gone, with the removal.

Another fact: most common plastic surgery among men in US is "foreskin restoration".

Now - how the religious freaks do that ritual to their own "kind".
An 8 year old baby is cut in the synagogue and then the rabbi (mohel) sucks the blood out with his own mouth. That's the religious procedure.
Cases of genital herpes, in particular - brought an attention to the issue of circumcision, too.
If you doubt the fact - that the rabbi (mohel) sucks blood with his own mouth - then google "metzitza b" peh" term and click images, too.

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