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#62803 - 12/21/11 11:59 PM Re: Favorite Porn Sites [Re: fakepropht]
Cassandra Offline

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Oh yes, favorite porn sites ::rubs nipples:: Thank you, Morgan, for making this one sticky ;\)
#62817 - 12/22/11 03:49 AM Re: Favorite Porn Sites [Re: Cassandra]
Zach_Black Offline

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My favorite porn site is youjizz. Nuff Said.

#62841 - 12/22/11 06:56 PM Re: Favorite Porn Sites [Re: Zach_Black]
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General Reply.

I checked a couple of the suggested sites from here, while I was at the casino hotel last night. HEY, I had to take a break from gambling, my eyes were bugging out from the Video Poker machine and my ass was sore from sitting at the game tables, had to pass time some way.
Anyways...some of the videos that I clicked on only sent me to a different site without even playing what I selected. After getting a shit load of pop ups, and getting to watch only three or four videos I had enough.
Then this morning I ran a full computer scan and there were 65 "Suspicous" thingies on my computer that my virus scanning thing got rid of.
Knowing me I'll probably check more stuff out later lol
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#62986 - 12/27/11 02:43 AM Re: Favorite Porn Sites [Re: Fist]
kvac Offline

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#66582 - 05/05/12 12:30 PM Re: Favorite Porn Sites [Re: fakepropht]
totoblack Offline

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http://WWW.PORNHUB.COM i love how u can put ur pointer on the small movie icon and it sorta previews it before downloading.

Please use proper English spelling and sentence structure. This site is not a cell phone. We have higher standards here. Morgan

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#72279 - 10/30/12 07:09 AM Re: Designing My Own Theme Porn Channels [Re: totoblack]
prodigalsun Offline

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My kind of show and tell material on a Satanic network, better than grade school and sharing your latest toys with the class.

I've got a variety of Porn sites I put together from my own tastes often mixed in with Satanic and Left Hand Path themes all in one place.

To see the Explicit videos, you must turn OFF the FAMILY FILTER button at top of page, then XXX thumbnail pictures will appear.

My Channel to GODDESS LILITH With Hardcore Women, Lesbians, Trannies. The female persuasian few limits.

My XTUBE Fetish Cult Profile for Women and Men-Sadocore

If any 600 Club members have their own profiles on Xtube, let me know so I can join your site or feature any video clips of your own "activities". Satan will be most pleased.

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#75205 - 02/16/13 05:14 AM Re: Favorite Porn Sites [Re: Fist]
MrsRiverSong Offline

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Loc: UK
The website Hot movies for her Is a pay per view site for women by women.

I'm not the biggest porn fan, not against it just not my fave genre of film. When I do watch it I tend to only watch Nina Hartley one's. Well, her gay one's anyway as I don't want a man spoiling the fun hehehe!
I'm a Theistic Satanist

#75231 - 02/17/13 08:21 PM Re: Favorite Porn Sites [Re: MrsRiverSong]
XiaoGui17 Offline
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Mad props to Drakinola for mentioning You win the internet. Everything Butt and Sex and Submission are my favorite pages on Kink. is a great site for grossing out your friends, a compilation of some of the best strange and disturbing stuff on the internet. is perhaps the best stuffing site. can be great if you're into chicks with dicks (once was, not so much anymore), though the previews look more realistic than the actual videos.
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#75234 - 02/18/13 10:44 AM Re: Favorite Porn Sites [Re: XiaoGui17]
Daafje666 Offline

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Did someone mention chicks with dicks?

The futanaria thing is way too weird for me, I prefer as it comes to my healthy dose of trannies.

And +1 to you for mentioning Efukt.
Efukt is funny as fuck if you're not easily grossed out \:\)
That's why.

#79366 - 08/17/13 09:57 PM Re: Favorite Porn Sites [Re: Daafje666]
10yearsofevil Offline

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My favorite Porn site has one of the largest free porn and pictures available with just and email registration. It is unfair to pay sites this place exists. It has better content than pay sites. Everything is beautifully categorized. It has a great gay section if you like that. It has erotic stories over 3000. In extreme feeds the best section my favorite film collection is don't tell mommy where the actors pretend to be real life 18 year olds that act out a story resulting in sex. Because they act like there are no cameras in a lot of their top content it makes it more exiting and fun.

Here is the website url.
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#79368 - 08/17/13 10:12 PM Re: Favorite Porn Sites [Re: 10yearsofevil]
Wilhelm R Offline

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I... I almost can't believe that, unless I didn't catch it, nobody linked to Spooky TGP . Random samplings from,, and more, refreshed every day (I think). Plus, If you replace the /e/ with /goth/, it gives a whole new selection, too.

Granted, I only use it to find new additions to the collection folder... Still default to or YouPorn when the job needs to be done.

#80642 - 09/30/13 02:59 AM Re: Favorite Porn Sites [Re: Wilhelm R]
N2SYN Offline

Registered: 08/22/13
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Loc: Ohio,USA
Ahhh Barely Evil, Satanic sluts, and my newest addition for the "Collection folder" would be FuckYeah Nuns tumblr. Something about those nuns ;). YouJizz is my go to though for the most part.
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#80881 - 10/06/13 03:04 PM Re: Favorite Porn Sites [Re: N2SYN]
antikarmatomic Offline

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I find pornhub too load to slow, so youporn it is - yeah fine, I'm pretty vanilla, sue me ;\) what I sincerely dislike is when it's 3 mins plus of the girl teasing and wiggling - "yes I get it, you're sexy can we just get down to it? I have only 10 mins to kill and crank one out before showering and heading off to work"

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#81023 - 10/08/13 10:14 PM Re: Favorite Porn Sites [Re: antikarmatomic]
bonecone Offline

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More categories of porn than I thought was humanly possible.

#81028 - 10/08/13 11:37 PM Re: Favorite Porn Sites [Re: bonecone]
Wilhelm R Offline

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Are those categories, or the index of the "Fetish Encyclopedia (Thorough Creeper Edition)"?

Reminds me of Cheech Marin's famous rant in 'From Dusk Till Dawn'.

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