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#110283 - 11/15/16 09:03 AM Favorite chip and Pop brand.
Dallas101 Offline

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Hey please post what your favorite type of chip brand is. But to be fair it's Hot cheetos that are the best in my opinion and so are lays patatoe chips with Valentina hot sauce on top with a can of coke.
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#110284 - 11/15/16 09:46 AM Re: Favorite chip and Pop brand. [Re: Dallas101]
Persona non grata Offline

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Right... potato chips, Asmedious. Its so good that there are no more post about the bad stuff, it was getting in the way of very important post about potato chips......
#110286 - 11/15/16 11:33 AM Re: Favorite chip and Pop brand. [Re: Persona non grata]
Creatura Noptii Offline
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I like really really hot salsa with regular tortillas. I'll devour them. Can't say for sure what brand, but the tortillas for sure. Next are the sun tomato salsa chips. Those are amazing to.

And cheese chips. I love cheese chips. Not cheesy puffs mind you, but gourmet cheddar cheese chips. Sometimes with Mac 'N cheese.


#114499 - 09/26/17 08:40 AM Re: Favorite chip and Pop brand. [Re: Creatura Noptii]
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Picking a favorite chip brand is hard, but there's this brand called Zapps that sells these things called "Cajun Crawtators," and that shit's off the chain if you're into mud-bugs. Next to that, I'm pretty partial to dipping cheese Doritos in some salsa instead of real tortilla chips (cuz I'm classy like that.)

As far as sodas go, I'm all about some cream soda. Although all the brands are generally good, I like the clear varieties instead of the brown ones cuz my teeth suck these days. However, I used to be a pretty heavy drinker, and during that time, it was all about the brown cream soda, cuz ya can fill the bottle half up with whiskey and drink it anywhere in public and it just looks like normal ol' brown cream soda. Plus, whiskey tastes WAY better with cream soda than coke. If ya don't believe me, try that shit.

#114501 - 09/26/17 09:23 AM Re: Favorite chip and Pop brand. [Re: Obitus]
Dark Light 444 Offline

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Pringles and Diet Coke. If it's a soda in the morning, Cherry flavored NOS is a favorite. Not a big soda drinker these days however, due to the excessive sodium that's been a big factor in me acquiring kidney stones for the first time in my life ever, last year.

#114578 - 10/02/17 06:48 AM Re: Favorite chip and Pop brand. [Re: Dark Light 444]
ShadowLover Offline

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I think my very favourite softdrink is Sarsaparilla. As for chips, I don't know. But I like the texture of the crinkle cut ones. Maybe plain crinkle cut chips would be my favourite...
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#115275 - 11/22/17 03:51 PM Re: Favorite chip and Pop brand. [Re: Dallas101]
Modesty Offline

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I like cheetos with pieces of Hershey bar.
Also am fond of jalapeño kettle cooked chips.

As for drinks Dr pepper or Pepsi.

#120983 - 12/10/19 11:56 PM Re: Favorite chip and Pop brand. [Re: Modesty]

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I love to kick back and eat some Pringle’s n drink some Coca Cola to stop myself from hurting anybody \:\/
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