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#118952 - 03/19/19 06:11 PM Re: The Collapse of the Modern World. [Re: fiendish]
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Take a look at the end of the bronze age.
Human civilization collapsed completely.
It was so hard that we almost lost our the ability to write.

Why? Because all cultures were very strongly connected and dependent on each other, just like today in even more extreme form.
Does this make a civilization vulnerable?
No, the opposite. They were able to resist catastrophes that would have wiped out almost all kingdoms before and after.
But when the case came it was even harder.

Nowadays we are probably able to get all the "catastrophes" of our ancestors at once without going under.
But should it come to a fall it will probably go back to the Stone Age.

Modern technology and our total dependence on it is the greatest strength and weakness of our civilization.
I don't think we're gonna be it ourselves.
Economic crises can become very extreme, but they do not destroy knowledge.
But with the next major economic crisis, i think a lot will change in terms of world politics and a lot of new systems.
Anyway, some of the things you might think of as problems are more like trying to solve bigger problems.
No one can claim not to know the dangers of mass immigration, but it's tragically one of the best ways to support things like the pension system in the future (ais are unfortunately not that far yet).
Also you can introduce a lot of new laws to create additional stability.
With a more distant view on things, there are always new things to look at.

If it is ever going to happen I belive the doomsday will be by external factors such as solar storms etc.

Going forward is the ultimate strength of mankind.
If there was a problem, we found ways to solve it.
Technology and technological development is exponential.
I think there is no self-made problem that we could not solve with technology.
Genetically modified super wheat for x times the yield, rice that can be cultivated in salt water on the sea, nuclear fusion for infinite power supply, geo engineering and so on.
The greatest protection for mankind would probably be to colonize another planet, but that will probably take some time.

A very good video series about the end of the Bronze Age.

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Praise the human, the origin of a many and solution of all problems

#121001 - 12/12/19 12:19 AM Re: The Collapse of the Modern World. [Re: Sargeist]
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These are not very dangerous times, in my opinion, but they are times characterized by decay.

Relative to the other events and situations that have presented through history, there is hardly anything very troubling that is currently extant in the modern world that should give us cause to fear for our safety. This is especially true in the western world. The slow progress of climate change, the general malaise of slight economic downturn, and the mostly harmless influx of migrants are nothing at all compared to world wars, the black death, the invasion of mongol hordes, etc. It may be true that things are more dangerous today than in the near past, but that is not quite cause to say that "these are dangerous times" in particular. Maybe our present level of danger is building to greater danger, or maybe it will pass, this is yet to be seen.

Despite this, something still seems wrong with our world in the modern day as opposed to the past, and this ties in to something else you have mentioned: degeneracy. We are plagued by this above all else, perhaps due to increasing access to frivolous consumer goods and services, perhaps due to a failure of the education system, perhaps due to the effects of technology and social media, or perhaps due simply to the propaganda of a degenerately decadent culture, degeneracy is everywhere, and it is for this reason that we must embrace the old, rather than any more material reason having to do with our migration policy or etc. We have pushed individualism and egalitarianism too far, so that every worthless knave can do whatever he or she wants, unrestrained by any higher guidance or coercion. Consequently we have entire generations that are focused on stupid shit like idly vaping and listening to hip hop rather than anything socially or personally positive. Social and romantic relations are shallow, meaningless, and fickle. People in general do not subscribe to any notion of a higher purpose or mission, societal or religious, and they act accordingly, nor does anyone have much of an expansive group identity. We don't have any great discoveries, breakthroughs, and so on, because our talent pools have stagnated due to the inevitable laziness of the populace.

All the tools that the ruling class used to use to restrain the inevitable ridiculousness of the rabble have gone away, accelerated to an extreme degree in the reaction to WW1 and its supposed cultural underpinnings. We can no longer claim that anyone is inferior, that anyone deserves to be ruled over as a result of their status, that there is any such thing as a cohesive group identity that can act in unison and be commanded and influenced, that one ought to respect the people above them, or that social/political power can be vested in any one person. We have even strayed further as of late into the individualism spectrum than we already were; not only can one not be commanded by another, but one is increasingly not beholden to any kind of moral code other than the fluctuations of personal emotions.

This all may seem well and good to the satanist, and indeed it may be. But surely it is not preferable that everyone in a society behave this way, and consequently I believe we do need to return to older ways of thinking and behaving, lest our society be overtaken by pure degeneracy. This must be strictly on a traditional basis, rather than on the basis of some alternative form of social hierarchy like fascism or communism, because traditional hierarchies have stood the test of time and advanced gradually as needed, while fascism and communism are circumstantial aberrations motivated by the ambitions of their ideologues.

#121042 - 12/14/19 01:41 PM Re: The Collapse of the Modern World. [Re: CCB]
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I can agree on the degeneracy in this world.
Low quality women having cheesecake eaten out of their muff by some loser cuck.
Trannies educating kids in drag in schools.

Reasons are plentiful.

I stopped watching tv ages ago and youtube only serves as background music.

Spending my days coaching, (web-)designing and tutoring.
I hear friends talk about some weird shit they found on the internet and openly shared in a whatsapp group.

I'm a bit alienated from modern media but by the little news which does reach my eyes and ears it is the kind of alienation best maintained.
Ut vivat, crescat et floreat

#121043 - 12/14/19 02:24 PM Re: The Collapse of the Modern World. [Re: Dimitri]
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Another scathing or damning manifesto of humanity in the 2002 book "The Pathology of Civilization" by John Zerzan ( Parallels to Theodore Kazinsky but with dark humor imparted serve to make it a pragmatic read. For bedtime though? You might have a wet dream.
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