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#11207 - 09/04/08 06:09 PM How far should medical research proceed?
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the world spends trillions of dollars on medical research to reduce the change of death at child birth, to give longer life, to make people more comfortable.

Now it's getting increasingly less common for a newborn child to die in their first year of life. More and more diseases are being cured. Now people live well into very old age. The biggest projects in medical research now are those diseases which kill the most people today: the diseases of the elderly. Many suggest that this human intervention is saving too many lives, and causing too many babies to be born. Many also say we have a population problem. The population problem is worsened by having so many over 50's around. Lots of people study anti-aging technology. Wouldn't that be some scary shit if nobody ever aged beyond the desired years?

In reality, a huge amount of basic science research is just to see how the universe works; It's medical research in disguise for funding purposes.

Should we stay on the track of medicl research? should we pick a new pet science project besides immortality for all, and do something else? should we stop science alltogether?

#11209 - 09/04/08 08:25 PM Re: How far should medical research proceed? [Re: coelentrate]
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I think that once we get our birth rates stabilized (two children or less for each set of parents), it will mitigate the effects that saving so many lives at birth and throughout life, as well as extending the lifespans of the elderly. Unfortunately, that will take at least a good 100 years to show any real results, and the world's population might level off somewhere between 8 and 10 billion.

Enforced zero growth is a very socialist way of going about things, and for some idiotic reason, people will still be convinced that humans were put on this earth to "be fruitful and multiply", and anything restricting that goes against their religion. Then, we have the people who just enjoy having hordes of children. Eventually, we'll reach a point where humanity as a whole will need to choose between breeding ourselves into extinction, or enduring restrictions and surviving as a species.
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#11314 - 09/09/08 01:58 PM Re: How far should medical research proceed? [Re: Nemesis]
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We would have less population problems if the only people making children were the one with the best genetic material and the best ability to educate them... Well, it's a quite utopic sentence xD

What's sure is that people live older because of medical progress, but is living senile, trembling and inactive really worth it, really better than just pass away being happy of the life you had ? I'm not sure, and maybe it's THIS awareness that is needed to slow down surpopulation...

One more time, I know it may look cruel but personally, I'd prefer dying when I stop losing my great shape. Well, I say it now I'm 19, maybe I'll change my mind when facing this situation... But here's my opinion.
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