Damien Echols of the West Memphis 3 is going back to familiar territory: Arkansas. This is the state that wanted to kill him for a crime that he did not commit back in 1994, that goes back to the Satanic Panic era of justice. He is out only by way of Alford Plea as Arkansas has yet to admit that they have wrongfully convicted anyone ever.

Arkansas is on a killing spree wanting a series of executions to happen quickly. It has been twelve years since the state has executed someone and some of the drugs that they use are about to expire.

Damien sat on death row in Arkansas for nearly twenty years. To one degree or the other he knows all of the men that the state wants to execute. He decided to make the trip home to Arkansas (he has only been back one or two other times and not to speak publicly) and do what he could to protest the death penalty.

The story can be found here among other places online.

I met Damien Echols in person several years ago. I say this with sincerity, I have never met a more gentle personality. I cannot imagine what life in prison must have been like for him.

Here is an article that Damien wrote himself.

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