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#12278 - 10/06/08 02:31 PM Re: ABOUT RITUALS [Re: DistroyA]
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Just one more thing!
I think you can look at satanic magic(the one described in TSB) at verry different ways. Some poeple maybe look at it as it have been described; a form of magic which you can change things with. But other, like me, could look at it as some sort of philosophy?

For example, some year ago I had a fight with an old friend. i turned out that we really hated each other, and I felt that I had to do something with my anger so I wouln't do anything real stupid. So, I performed a ritual were I wished death and sorrow to my old friend. Exactly one week thereafter the friend's cat died... Anyway, even if this wasn't a proof of real magic, it made me quite comfortable knowing I wasn't the only sad human in world. It made me feel a bit more happy, not because of the cat's death, because I really liked that cat, but because I could imagine that I HAD done magic. And I think that our mind is one of the most important things we got. Even if it wasn't so, I could imagine this, and it made me kind of proud, over myself. Which, like i sayd, made me an even more happier person.

Maybe a little bit of a drively post but I hope you got my point? Magic, in my view, doesn't mean to be magic (in the meaning of make a rabbit disapear in a hat or make someone you hate turn to a frog), it mean that there is a way (call it mental way if you like) were the usage of your mind can make you feel better. To handle this would then be one of the most important things for a Satanist, to could controll our minds even better?
"Det finns bara ett ord för sådana som du, och det är ondska. Ondska i sin renaste form."

#12291 - 10/06/08 07:02 PM Re: ABOUT RITUALS [Re: Arkham]
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Yes I agree, I'm just discovering the magic side of Satanism, but I'm longly used the "modified states of consciousness".

I'm quite sure that the "tools" I acquired for controling my mind will help me. May be rituals can be seen as just another tool?

But for sure, looking at your own thoughts, your own mind. Seeing how thoughts influence feelings, and being aware we can choose about what we think.
Learning to concentrate one's mind, one attention till the object of attention is the only thing in your mind.

All these things, when trained and practiced, give us acces to better control of our mind, wider access to our subconcious.

Can be only useful !

#17289 - 12/31/08 04:27 AM Re: ABOUT RITUALS [Re: ruyan]
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Ruyan, your post is a bit fragmented, but are you trying to say;
"There are times where the fate of my friend's relationships just randomly pop out of my mouth with no premeditation on my part, and whatever I predict always comes true, what is this?

If that is the rough jist of your post, what you just described was a very basic form of "casing the mark" which is a psychological tool generally used by fortune tellers to manipulate their clients, and have them leaving with more problems than they came in with.

Maybe you are sensitive to your friends moods, and can pick up on the fact that their relationship isn't smooth sailing, you blurt out that "it is going to end very soon" or whatever it is you say, and then Bingo! The seed has been planted and left to grow and mutate into your outcome- especially if they're vulnerable enough, and if the relationship is as doomed as you "say"it is, their a sitting duck for all sorts of "suggestions".

Maybe your just a very observant person who isn't giving your 5 senses enough credit with this- what you think of as a spontaneous ritual is probably you coming out with an accurate observation as you see it, and your friends were probably going to break up anyway.

Don't worry, it's not a "gift" that you can't control- maybe next time, try thinking it instead of saying it out loud to them, and see how that transpires...

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