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#119700 - 07/29/19 03:54 PM Re: Satan The MGTOW [Re: The Zebu]
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 Originally Posted By: The Zebu
I don't accuse you of it here, I just wanted to elaborate on my own point so you know where I stand..

I like to prod at opposite ends of the spectrum, but mostly because here I'm more interested in looking at the social implications of such a practice, rather than bare-knuckled tussling to justify a political opinion--Which is, that I think MGTOW is ultimately based off a faulty perception of female preeminence, and makes overbroad generalizations about modern relationships and sexual dynamics underpinned by a curious mishmash of social frustration and chauvinist tropes. But if you would like to have a go at this angle, I'm all game. \:D

My general point regards the observation you seem to make about MGTOW being some revolutionary new philosophy that somehow points towards a "true Satanism" for men in general, whereas it seems to me more like a fringe movement which would only be relevant to a small subset of socially-atypical men who feel troubled by gender relations. And though some 'adversarial' dimensions can be gleaned from the phenomenon, deliberately doing something uncomfortable and unpopular isn't always liberating or conducive to independence, especially if it hinges on the perception of Woman as some sort of meta-being before whom Man can only either subjugate themselves under or sever themselves from.

For me it was just recognizing the gap and willing to work to be an equal to feminine power.

She laughed when I said I was her equal, but only That I was equal in potential, had equal power, shared understanding and cared about the same things and was willing to work towards them. My ego wasnt as free as hers then, but we both knew that, and it was just a lucky accident of fate that freeing my mind correlated with our values.

I was perfectly myself in that moment and knew what I was doing.

I fed confusion because as a wise friend once told me, never let them know how smart you are.

I was glad to hear her say that.

#119701 - 07/29/19 04:22 PM Re: Satan The MGTOW [Re: SIN3]
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 Originally Posted By: SIN3
Speaking only for myself, I think it's fairly straight forward on the 'how'. Compromise is always treated like some mutual agreement but it's not. One person has to concede to the other, if the other part is in agreement then you've lowered your standards.

I refuse to. I am not required by any agency to lower the bar and I certainly won't concede to things I will not tolerate.

I think Dan has it right. I like the simplification too. If you do lower your standards, you end up resenting that decision later. I've learned that from experiences of youth.

Respect between two parties is the glue that holds the relationship together. Doesn't matter what the nature of that relationship is.

So going through life without compromise is pretty easy. It takes a really long time to know someone well. At some point you may realize the relationship is a dead end, so why continue it?

If you keep compromising, you learn fairly quickly that you have lost a step each time. Some people get so lost, they forget who they really are. All in the name of the 'relationship'. Fuck all that noise.

Some truth to that being an unattractive relationship offer. But what if two people are equally uncompromising, imperfect and their refusal to bend doesn't result in rejection but in working harder to raise each other's standards while respecting each other's integrity.

This allows to shed what they thought reflected their values really didn't, but what they gained from their potential partner was a chance to shed a skin that allows their values more room to breath. So that the choice isn't about choosing one's values or a relationship, but the relationship being an opportunity to expand and learn from the values of both so that both are enhanced and enriched, shedding what didn't work for them and being better at who they are.

That was my intent. I hope it worked out.

I saw a person I love and highly admire who either had a blind spot to what limited her values or had lost her hope to live up to it.

I saw everything behind her and saw who was truly fucking with her and hiding her light and value just to pretend it made up for past pains with pathetic self-involved serial killer like logic and was in a position to do something about it.

That lit fire in my heart and love in me.

Not that I'm so great, but that someone truly loving deserves a chance to be as loving as they deserve to be. Not just for them, but for all the people who would be lucky to met her again trasformed into her natural beautiful form so that the world can be the beautiful kind place that reflects her true loving kind passionate strong soul. The strongest and most kind take no crap person I've ever been lucky enough to meet. And she doesn't get near as much credit as she deserves.

This has always been my intent and my mission. I'll always love her and always will.

This much, at least, is my most consistent trait.

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#119702 - 07/29/19 05:33 PM Re: Satan The MGTOW [Re: samowens84]
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What I've found I guess if some people think I have "greatness" in me, it wasn't because of my abilities, my resume or anything else.

Fuck, I had only worked crummy jobs and had student debt and a fucked up messy room.

What anyone can call "great" was that I saw something I love and believe in and cherish and saw injustice and fought against it without question.

Everything else is just a distraction.

I had a professor at JSU and I told him if he wanted to actually be a poet he had to go beyond race and devote himself to a woman that he loves more than life itself and write for her.

I might get an aww response, but if I do, it's only out of ignorance.

Living up to a woman you truly cherish and fight for what's right from a place of purity love and respect takes fucking bravery, love and integrity.

I think most people scoff at that only because they don't have the balls to live up to those standards, and lack real faith, and care more about the applause from people who already agree with them rather than doing the right thing.

Moral cowardice.

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#119703 - 08/01/19 08:24 PM Re: Satan The MGTOW [Re: samowens84]
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Sure I will retaliate whenever shamed or addressed disrespectfully for being male (and other categories SJW's dislike). But until I notice these various "victim" groups as a mass movement pose the immediate threat to my security I see no reason to join other angry folks. Because these other angry folks always have a bunch of their own codified ideas, programs and demands. Yes, there is a problem and we can always agree there is some problem out there, but we can never agree about everything. And the ultimate end goal of every mass movement is precisely that - to enforce virtue standards, demand conformity and label deviations as "degenerate".
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