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#113193 - 06/13/17 03:38 PM Is PizzaGate a Psy-Op? Red Flags & Occult Themes
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#113195 - 06/13/17 07:07 PM Re: Is PizzaGate a Psy-Op? Red Flags & Occult Themes [Re: Bacchus]
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Everything is a psychological operation with occult themes...

I blame Venus, "The Morning Star", and it's almost perfect 13:8 resonance with Earth.
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#113196 - 06/14/17 03:18 AM Re: Is PizzaGate a Psy-Op? Red Flags & Occult Themes [Re: Bacchus]
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I just skipped through the three videos. Completely inane, showing complete ignorance of Black Magic and PSYOP. If you want to learn about the former, see my books on the Church of Satan and Temple of Set. If the latter, my book MindWar. What you'll come away with is that neither subject is really that obscure, mysterious, or complicated - providing you don't have your head up your ass.
Michael A. Aquino

#113211 - 06/14/17 06:08 PM Re: Is PizzaGate a Psy-Op? Red Flags & Occult Themes [Re: Bacchus]
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You could at least add some short introduction to the topic in your OP. I doubt anyone will have time and willingness to watch three long-ass videos about conspiracy crap.

PizzaGate conspiracy has its context. It all started when the email accounts of some prominent members of the Democratic Party were hacked (if you can even call that hacking) and their private messages leaked to the public. An average dumbass Joe probably found those "revelations" mind blowing and awakened imagination is a fodder for all kinds of speculations and conspiracy theories. Add to this the nature of social media, where rumor and disinformation spread very quickly, the journalists who search for sensations everywhere, ordinary people who simply like gossip and those who may deliberately fan the flames of paranoia for political ends, and there is nothing more to explain.

It's quite obvious that the politicians say different things in private whereas the bullshit propaganda is reserved for the audience. There is a grain of truth in every conspiracy theory. There is indeed a puppet master pulling the strings of the mindless puppets, or let's call them citizens for the sake of political correctness. Each time someone's dirty laundry is aired, the dumb people realize, albeit for a short time, that they are being lied to and manipulated. Soon they will forget about it because the show must go on.
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