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#115244 - 11/20/17 04:09 AM Re: Getting what you want with what you've got... [Re: SIN3]
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 Originally Posted By: SIN3
Ah youth... When death becomes life, or some such shit.

SHOW ME, I say.

Happily Sin Three!! - erm..what is it you want me to show you?? and, as an aside, are you like, 'Sin' as in without? or 'Sin' as in the transgressions according to religion, or an immoral act, *ahem.. defined by religious systems of control?? I'm sure you are like ' yay! without trinity' which is kinda cool (I guess) ..anyway it is pronounced and written Yute..or Yooot or some such shit ;-)) and my user name includes the brilliantly deviant word CUM..what is not to like?? Be seeing you - '9'

#115245 - 11/20/17 08:45 AM Re: Getting what you want with what you've got... [Re: dethbcumslife23]
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 Originally Posted By: dethbcumslife23
then you don't understand it you ecumenical fucktard - your ignorance is not my problem - it is yours ;-)

Ecumenical? So I "represent a number of christian churches" do I?

You can't just write words without knowing what they mean and expect to be understood, aside from maybe being understood as 'special needs'.

#115266 - 11/21/17 04:09 PM Re: Getting what you want with what you've got... [Re: Dan_Dread]
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Ecumenical? Meaning all over the world, I'm afraid dethbcumslife23 has a point. I always envisioned Satanism as a clash of civilisations and this is exactly what it is after all.

Medulla oblongata

#115271 - 11/21/17 06:05 PM Re: Getting what you want with what you've got... [Re: fiendish]
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 Originally Posted By: fiendish
Ecumenical? Meaning all over the world...

Not exactly. Meaning Universalist, inclusive, that COEXIST bumper sticker shit.
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