Should the Social Justice campaign see some success in the Cynthia Brown case, why shouldn’t she exploit it?

Punishing a victim for killing the oppressor is something that never fails to puzzle me. It's as if the society despite its proclaimed love of justice was afraid of the individuals taking the law into their own hands. Perhaps, after all, social order is more important than the sympathy for the victims. Shedding crocodile tears will make us feel better while dura lex, sed lex.

When it comes to the crimes committed by Muslim immigrants, I think it's not really the matter of political correctness that they are so often ignored. Incompetence can be easily mistaken for tolerance. The security services have a hard time when confronted with the clans that work together and secretly to protect their kindred.

Society is en mass hysterics to the den of inequity.

I wouldn't overestimate the "hysteria." It's easy to be a fighter for justice on the internet. Yelling or crying there doesn't cost anything.

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