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#11571 - 09/18/08 12:33 PM Valid Opinion
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#11586 - 09/18/08 09:02 PM Re: Valid Opinion [Re: Disabuse]
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Foamy the Squirrel. It's been too long since I've watched any of the NY episodes.

Most views, I can agree on wholeheartedly. Others, I think he just goes over the top.

He makes a good point in this episode. But what about those that actually DO share opinions? Are they included in the moron list? Then again, the intelligent ones who do happen to share opinions with others do make an articulate comment on the subject matter.

Forums. Most of them are full of 4chan and ED quoters. Fucking mindless automatons....
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#11600 - 09/18/08 11:09 PM Re: Valid Opinion [Re: DistroyA]
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Ugh... as a digital artist, flash animator, and former active newgrounder, I can say with quite some passion that Foamy has gotten progressively more terrible over the years and illwillpress is a talentless hack.

That said, I do agree with some parts of his rants. Can't say I'm particularly fond of the presentation, though.
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