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#116238 - 05/03/18 10:27 AM Re: Virtue Signaling [Re: Dimitri]
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 Originally Posted By: Dimitri
The world has become a place wherein black and white are indiscernible.

That seems at a first quick read over to be a true statement, but actually it's not true. Individuals still have negative or positive reactions to ideas and situations, same as always. What has changed steadily over the past century or so is the experience of encountering a wider variety of blacks and whites, often about things unfamiliar to the individual.

 Originally Posted By: Dimitri
In daily life people want some clear cut things to make sense about it all.

Which is pretty much how we all are wired. Experiencing those things becoming less clear cut happens to anyone who doesn't spend their lives in a limited environment where everyone they know they have always known, and a secondary meaning for "stranger" is "enemy".

 Originally Posted By: Dimitri
Virtue signaling and triggers, the whole lot of it, is just that.

Confusion is something that comes along with a first experience of the unknown. How someone deals with that confusion is what matters.
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#116239 - 05/03/18 10:47 AM Re: Virtue Signaling [Re: Kori Houghton]
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I have personal experience with Vera. She went off the radar for a time (she hadn't written in quite sometime) then re-emerged to pen a piece about the widespread application of the term "Pedophile". Similar to what you see happening in the Liberal Progressive camp, which tries to change minds about that and considering Pedophilia a sexual orientation.

Blackwood's a troll sure, but with a purpose. That's why you only see him trolling self-identified Satanists, favoring Abrahamic Religions, and his chosen targets... It's not even subtle, it's pretty blatant. Vera was on the plate for a time. There's some background detail I won't go into here, but there was a reason he chose her.
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#116241 - 05/03/18 01:19 PM Re: Virtue Signaling [Re: Kori Houghton]
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Untrue on what appears to be individual level. As soon as a group starts to form there will be a shift to grey. Experience in management has shown me that much.

As far as dealing with confusion goes, everyone uses the same method. Categorize it into black or white and shifting colour when the need arises.
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#116563 - 07/12/18 01:12 PM Re: Virtue Signaling [Re: Dimitri]
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Feeding the poor doesn't need consent, as giving the needy what they need doesn't necessarily mean consent, as feeding animals doesn't mean consent. Generally feeding shouldn't be accepted as a kind of consent. Yet, we see procedures in which giving the needy what they need is thought as a kind of consent to use them.
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