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#117446 - 11/17/18 09:04 PM Re: The Case 4 the Right Hand Path [Re: Friend of zoogs]
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 Originally Posted By: Brother Nihil
Satanism, the Left Hand Path, I-theism – imo, the whole thing is delusional rubbish. U r going 2 die. Ur crude matter is nothing, the universe doesn't care about it and it will not be missed when u turn 2 dust. But maybe there is something higher than u and ur atoms—a god, force, soul, spirit, Tao, etc. If not, ur existence is absurd and will be over soon. So what do u have 2 lose by seeking union with a higher power? Nothing, because without that union u r nothing but a bag of atoms. The Left Hand Path of carnality is a path of delusion and despair. The Right Hand Path of mysticism offers the possibility of a way out, even if it is also mostly delusion. Why not try a Right Hand Path? Even worshiping the Devil has 2b better than worshipping atoms. What do u have 2 lose? Hail Satan!

To believe you're going to die and turn to dust and that's the end of it, in my opinion isn't real Satanism... It's Atheism... In the Satanic Bible it said that a satanist either worships themselves, worships the devil or doesn't worship anyone at all... So I being an Atheist technically makes you a Satanist...

However... I have heard from the dead for 6 years... and whether you're a Christian, Atheist or Satanist, you are going to die, and it doesn't all end the moment you die...

Every one of us has a Soul...
Most people that die come back as a ghost. Some go to Heaven. Some go to Hell... Some (Satanists) manage to conquer the grips of death and avoid Hell while continuing to worship Satanism...

Being a satanist comes with a lot of bad intentions and sacrifice, but instead of believing you'll seize to exist after death, you should prepare your afterlife...

If you're a Christian, there might be a God, you might go to Heaven...

If you're a Satanist, make strategic moves, plan where you go after death... Make sure your death is safe (if possible)...

"Shadows" are satanists that died and tricked the system into avoiding Hell and staying on Earth...

Try to trick the system yourself.

 Originally Posted By: Alexander85
The left hand path is about growing infinitely until you become God. The right hand path is about shrinking into nothingness until you dissolve into it existence and become one with God. The Bible is not a based on a lie. It is based on the truth from the perspective of a sheep. There is no such thing as a lie, only different perceptions of the truth. We don't have the perspective of the sheep because we are wolves.

This is the truth if you want to believe it... the person that wrote this had a lot of education in this religion and knows the right way to explain it to a Satanist...

If you split from the heard of sheep and become a wolf, you'll have a fierce struggle, but if you become the Alpha, in this case conquer death. You will be able to lead the way into being your own God.... As a satanist, it is very appealing to get the chance to be your own God... And as your own God, you obviously still exist after death.

Anyways the choice of what you believe is up to you, but it's stupid to believe your following a life of meaninglessness that turns into a rotten corpse with no existence.

#117465 - 11/18/18 01:50 PM Re: The Case 4 the Right Hand Path [Re: Zenarith]
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The finality of death can bring about futility. Whether you believe in an "afterlife" or not, matter is neither created nor destroyed. The mind is a function of such matter and survives in different form physical or not. Certainly the memory of you exists after death, so why limit that force to the objective universe? I wrote before about nukes and the futility and pathology of civilization, that they are not only imminent but launched with such impunity the world has never seen.
#118161 - 01/25/19 06:14 PM Re: The Case 4 the Right Hand Path [Re: aeon6]
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As much as I have thought theism to be clearly a human construct to easier manipulate the masses that anyone intelligent should avoid, I am starting to consider it's potential importance for maintaining a functional society with where we are currently.

I don't think there is a case for the RHP for the personality type that typically leads people to Satanism. However I cant help but think there was a very good reason it was developed - as an important tool for socially engineering the masses in order to have a high functioning society. I am leaning towards the notion that if we were to too aggressively denounce and disprove theism that people would devolve into chaotic, lost and highly irrational people. I would argue that it is just that, a useful tool to keep the masses who are unable to think critically under simplified control for the benefit of everyone.

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We all have a Monster within; the difference is in degree, not in kind.

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