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#11653 - 09/20/08 11:04 AM Percieved by young and old.
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I am a single father of an eleven year old boy. Recently I went to the movie rental store and got about 5 movies that I loved as a child. Flight of the Navigator, Dark Crystal, Karate Kid, Willow, and Time Bandits. Me and my son spent the week watching them. Wow was that corny! As an adult I watched these movies and saw them totally differently. Time Bandits was aweful! What did I see in that? And the Dark Crystal was so slow I fell asleep. What did I see back then? And how did I have the attention span at that age? I don't even have it now!

On a side note. My son liked Space Jam with Michael Jordan and the Warner Bros toons. After he watched it. He said, "Wow dad. You were right. Your cartoons were better then ours."

#11685 - 09/21/08 07:32 AM Re: Percieved by young and old. [Re: Asmodeus Xaxam]
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I love Willow! The monsters are a little sad, but over all it's a timeless movie (I guess like star wars).

I don't remember Time Bandits, but I did recently see flight of the navigator again and wondered why I was so impressed back then. LOL

Cartoons, yeah, I still love Merry Melody cartoons, those ones that are set in the 'modern future', but made in teh 60's were classics I think.

Oh yeah and don't forget 'The Gambling Bug Will Get You If You Don't Watch Out'!!!! LOLOLOLOL

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#11715 - 09/21/08 08:14 PM Re: Percieved by young and old. [Re: ZephyrGirl]
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I was never keen on Karate Kid to be honest. Apart from that and Flight of the Navigator, I've not really seen the others. I think I've seen Willow once though, but I can't remember much of it.

As for the enjoyment factor, I'm a big kid anyway, and I still love Flight of the Navigator.
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