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#121214 - 01/09/20 05:05 AM Re: Internalized racism of white women [Re: Fringe Wizard]
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Taxonomy is a frickle thing.
Classification (and the various systems behind it) is a hot topic in biology and ecology.

Sex is not a necessary prerequisite (and is even a bad factor) to differentiate between species and sub-species.

There are (sub-)species who cannot intermingle even though they are classified as "equal" (monotypic vs polytypic).
Rationality would imply further discernment based on "Race".

Humans are Polytypic as the different races can intermingle and produce (fertile) offspring.

The studies you speak of are generally kept behind closed doors. Too much political sensitivity and stupidity from the general public trying to invalidate or ignore hard facts.
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#121567 - 02/09/20 07:03 PM Re: Internalized racism of white women [Re: Fringe Wizard]
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Are you serious? The profit-seekers provide where there is more profit, not where there's need. Production of food is number one , making more money is what most people care, mostly due to having a good-paying job in a large corporation, or to a smaller company that exists through the large company.

Nobody cares. About earth's carrying capacity.
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