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#117010 - 09/18/18 02:15 PM Meaning behind human skull?
bigsick Offline

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What exactly is the meaning behind the human skull on top many an alters? Does it just signify death?
#117011 - 09/18/18 03:29 PM Re: Meaning behind human skull? [Re: bigsick]
CanisMachina42 Offline
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It actually symbolizes grass or a field for grazing. See, even 'satanic magic' has a certain amount of xerox copied imagery.

Part of that imagery is for everything to be dead or dying, but more likely because they read it in a book or saw someone else do it. Exhaltation of death on the LHP died in some Aghori graveyard.

The only way to do an altar correctly is to make it a decorative piece a la dios de los muertos. Just give it the vibrance of a Diego Garcia painting. You know, all that candied mexi-shit.

#117053 - 09/25/18 06:52 PM Re: Meaning behind human skull? [Re: bigsick]
fiendish Offline

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An erection. Blasphemy. A vulture? Misguided confusion and complete disorder. Instinct.

Medulla oblongata

#117202 - 10/17/18 01:29 PM Re: Meaning behind human skull? [Re: bigsick]
HumanAllTooHuman Offline

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For me personally, it (obviously) reminds me of death, and my own mortality. Knowing this and keeping it in mind reminds me to indulge in life & manifest my will. Also, I've always really liked skulls lol
#118086 - 01/20/19 11:42 AM Re: Meaning behind human skull? [Re: HumanAllTooHuman]
threeamat Offline

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I have always taken it as a memento mori. We all die and to live our best life need a reminder of that.
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