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#117761 - 12/15/18 04:31 PM Re: Destruction Ritual [Re: Asmedious]
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 Originally Posted By: Asmedious
I tend to experience strong emotions as well, however, they are always under control, and never show anger, because I can control it well, and just about everytime, I can let it go, because I have a very thick skin.

In this current situation, however, I experienced something that I haven't felt before, which is pure hate and rage. Again, I never showed any signs of it on the outside. Actually, I showed quite the opposite. My outside demeanor was calm, friendly, and sociable. I haven't done the ritual yet. I'm still trying to make sure I was as wronged as I believe myself to have been. (It's complicated so I don't want to get into the specifics).

On a positive side, I've been going to the gym regularly to let off a bit of steam each night, and so far have lost over 40 pounds and gone from a size 36 waist to a 29 in three months. And that's just from letting off a tiny bit of steam ;\)

It depends on who you "curse." If its someone experienced you just supplied them energy that they were likely able to transmute it into a compassion ritual.

#117764 - 12/16/18 06:17 PM Re: Destruction Ritual [Re: SIN3]
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 Originally Posted By: SIN3
I'd say, apathy is a sign of no emotional anchor to the person or event. Revenge should be immediate, should you seek to take it.

Exactly. That's why I say I am rarely motivated by revenge, but instead by problem solving.
People are wired differently...
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