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#117839 - 12/26/18 01:14 PM A Portrait of Lucifer/Satan
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This might sound silly and ridiculous and i know people are going to have different interpretations. But, in your opinion. When you think about Lucifer/Satan, what do you envision? What does Lucifer/Satan look like to you? For me, he is still in his angel form. I dont believe in the whole devil holding a pitchfork and having red skin.
#117840 - 12/26/18 02:18 PM Re: A Portrait of Lucifer/Satan [Re: Violet Snipes]
KFO Offline

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To me, (and this reply may smack as too overly simplistic for you) but, Satan is nothing more than my own reflection in the mirror staring back at me. And all the fictitious embellishments (the hooves, the tail, the horns, the pitch fork, and all that other harry potter creature-feature bullshit!) are merely a manifestation of the latent fear that haunts the minds of the shackled conformist.

Of course, i will admit that occasionally i do get my jollies off imagining a mysterious and mischievous creature, one who runs amuck in the shadows, giggling and scaring the body fluids out of anyone within earshot (you know, something akin to the Leprechaun movies!), but, in the end... isn't it more fun to be the devil than to imagine what it's like to be him?

I believe so.

Of course, we should never delude ourselves concerning the finite nature of our power. The imagination is intoxicating. But reality has its gentle way of bitch-smacking us back into sobriety.

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#117841 - 12/26/18 03:26 PM Re: A Portrait of Lucifer/Satan [Re: KFO]
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I imagine the devil as a sophisticated gentleman and a ladies man. Some say the greatest trick the devil ever played was convincing others he doesn't exist. I feel he did one better on some of his followers. He tricked them into ignoring their heart for the sake of approval. That some couldn't see the irony in passionately fighting for equality while convincing themselves that there is no such thing as right and wrong was beautiful. To have people unconsciously chasing love wherever they could find and not taking responibility for the harm that cause, nor owning the drive that lack of fullfillment caused was even more amusing. Unconsciously reputing the very definition for Satanic ethos for responsibility to the responsible. All the while neglecting the person that should matter most, themselves. If a person doesn't build themselves up then they lack the clarity to help others.

A devilish trick indeed. He would prefer people to have the integrity to see through that trick, but if that satisfaction is too much to ask he would settle for a laugh at other people's expense. Take fulfillment where you can get it. Its a long road. Eat what you can and be grateful.

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#117842 - 12/26/18 03:54 PM Re: A Portrait of Lucifer/Satan [Re: samowens84]
aeon6 Offline

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Satan[a] as a congenial, androgynous anomoly might be considered. Just as capable of delivering devilish tricks although through a wider range of personifications. Whichever the choice, [s]he is a companionable force less interested in politics than in ethos. How the latter determines the former, is enhanced by dark works.
#117852 - 12/27/18 10:25 PM Re: A Portrait of Lucifer/Satan [Re: aeon6]
CanisMachina42 Offline
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To picture satan correctly you need to know what environment that devil is in. The Devil of San Fransisco is way different than a devil down Biloxi way.

There is no uniform appearance except in an anthropomorphic pit of not getting the first fucking thing about it.

#117853 - 12/27/18 11:20 PM Re: A Portrait of Lucifer/Satan [Re: CanisMachina42]
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Loc: København, Denmark
Picturing satan "correctly" would seem futile, for correctness is a human invention which boxes in the wild spirit. If animals were pc in such fashion, it would still be attributable to human intervention, with instinct pulling the strings.

The Devil's environment is the universe, with enough personifications to go around for every place. Repeat: anomaly.

#117857 - 12/28/18 11:22 PM Re: A Portrait of Lucifer/Satan [Re: Violet Snipes]
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Thanks for your interesting question.

I appreciate and am interested in visual representations of Satan or Lucifer, as they can help me focus on the complexity and meaning of the signifier Satan or Lucifer as I perceive it.

I do not believe, however, that any representation whatsoever is going to accurately reflect Satan or Lucifer as a thing-in-itself, or as the noumena of Satan or Lucifer.

Why do I believe this?

Well because Satan and Lucifer don’t exist objectively and essentially, as a referent, to which language or representation points or accurately covers.

In my opinion, one should clearly understand that - Satan as a signifier - points to that which has been silenced, excluded and stigmatised on every particular occasion, across millennia, whether through the basic structure of conventional human thought or as a consequence of the way our social customs, political institutions and economic arrangements function.

Satan lies at the heart of all things – “he” is that which lies outside, threatening to undermine the full presence of the thesis which holds the foreground and which holds that position tenuously as a result of that which has been excluded.

This seems obvious to me – Satan as the excluded Other, or the silenced and imprisoned opposition to the fully legitimated or fully present.

To see Satan as a signifier, indicative of a way of uncovering a satanic Being. That truly is some-thing to me.

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