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#118911 - 03/13/19 10:12 PM Re: An Urge to Impress [Re: samowens84]
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Everything is connected to the universe, and it's how I've learned to personally escape depending on the recognition of human institutions because they are just as beholden to the universe as anyone else.

I won't question your cosmology. But how/why do you aspire/propose to escape the universe? It seems you are anchoring yourself ever more deeply with every magna carta.

#118912 - 03/13/19 10:23 PM Re: An Urge to Impress [Re: aeon6]
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To put it more plainly, to escape bad karma, and to get rid of spiritual dirt while staying with love as best I can while maintaining balance. Perhaps I framed it that way because for a long time it felt like an escape plan because for a long time I was treated like shit and so much of my work has some personal relevance. Nothing wrong with that. To bring passion and change a cause must always begin with something personal, I find. At least for me.

So I guess you caught some of my personal emotional language through the text.


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#118916 - 03/14/19 07:49 AM Re: An Urge to Impress [Re: samowens84]
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It's quite presumptuous of you to think my intention was to make you "break down in a fit of tears and sentimentality to admit defeat." I mean... get real. If you were treated like shit for the large part of your life, I'm really sorry for you but there is no need to project your paranoid assumptions on everyone.

I think I'm right to assume you attended some school, work somewhere, keep money in some bank, use health services etc. These are all institutions. Like everyone else, you're part of an organized society. You need other people and it's good if other people need you. Pleasing others isn't inherently right or wrong. It all boils down to ROI. It either serves you or not.

Unconditional love is bullshit in my humble opinion. Nobody is going to love you for nothing. Even if all they get from your presence is feeling good and warm or virtuous, that's still "something."
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#118920 - 03/15/19 02:20 AM Re: An Urge to Impress [Re: when7iseleven]
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Unless you made it to the top, you'll never understand how difficult it can be to make a decision for the best of all.
The more people that need to be managed, the more complex everything becomes. To the mudane it seems "broken", to the more developed it is a complex ongoing debate to search for a workable middle ground.

Brexit on that account is the small spoiled retarded child having a hissy fit because others can also play with the toys he has. Running away and blissfully forgetting that most of his luxury have root in the same source.

Your argument is vague as best.
Define "reward".

Besides, "dominant species"? I disagree.
Most influential to the biosphere, yes.
Dominant? No. There's still a lot out there that can wipe the smile of humanities face.
Ut vivat, crescat et floreat

#118944 - 03/18/19 05:04 AM Re: An Urge to Impress [Re: Dimitri]
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 Originally Posted By: Dimitri
The more people that need to be managed, the more complex everything becomes. To the mudane it seems "broken", to the more developed it is a complex ongoing debate to search for a workable middle ground.

If I had written those words round about now I would be reading the words retard & total, though not necessarily in that order; but I didn't write them, you did.

The "mundane" believe government is working on their behalf, is working with their best interests at heart; the mundane believe the populist statements trotted out by government; the mundane beleive the government knows best; the mundane vote for a particular form of government because their dad's did.

The "more developed" know that the primary motives of any government are power & self preservation; the "more developed" know a goverment will say pretty much anything to secure the above; the "more developed" know that the only goverment to support is the one that is most benficial to them at any one particular time.

At the current stage in my life for me this means a government that has low taxation, decentralisation & deregulation as it's tenents. More importantly one that is as least intrusive in to my life as possible.

When I do retire will more than likely change as I will want a goverment to tax others more heavily so I will get a higher pension & the health service will be better funded to look after me.

Your "more developed" synopsis of Brexit is hardly worth comment. Nothing more than what I would expect to read as a headline in a populist redtop.

The positive outcome of any brain activity is the reward. Forget the veneer you consider as yourself, I'm meaning the underlying sub-conscious transactions where all the decions, which are all based on previous experiences, are made.

I am not sying that there is nothing out there that could "wipe the smile of humanities face" but that does not mean that we are not the most dominant species. The two are not nutually exclusive.

PS......wrong use of semi-colon but as I hate bullet points I think it's excusable.
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