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#118927 - 03/16/19 02:43 AM The Aeon of The State
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My main problem with Aeonics in the typical ONA view is the slave-moral revolutionary white supremacist bullshit that accompanies it. It seems a counterproductive in-joke to any aeonic shift. These real life folk doing sinister deeds need a crusader sword and a King James Bible to accompany them if thats their rhetoric.

Not even mass trangression can move a society beyond, only redefine.

The Aeons also seem grossly misrepresented by types of epistemology along similar lines. No progression was seen in a polytheist -> monotheist linear transition.

If we are going to classify the current Aeon of the world it could be called the Crusade Aeon or the "I Know What's Best For You Aeon. 

And there is wall keeping everyone there.

Weirdly there is a single, AND IT REALLY IS ONLY ONE, way to break through that aeonic wall... and it involves one way proclaiming itself superior.

And here is that way.

Accept control mechanisms need to exist in some form, and that is just a matter of a person vs. people.

There will need to be another linear shift in control mechanism that will relegate religion to a tier below state.

John Lennon DID NOT HELP.  People can't imagine without crocodile tears welling up.  This shows a slave mindset is still very pervasive.  All Antifa folk love that song.

If there is a solution it is everyone having NO ideas beyond themselves. NOT imagining all the people and instead deferring to an artificial rule of law, which become less necessary to keep people in line.

This is where Nietzsche shows up.

The governor of society is self respect. What you can respect yourself for doing. And what you can respect others for doing when it effects you personally.  This has fuck all to do with morals and laws explicitly. The cracks to this are seen in reaction variance. The cracks that differentiate between the raping and killing of the college girl and the brother killing the guy that raped and killed her.

Even a servant of legal code would differentiate in as much, might even catch temporary insanity plea. But he might also be made an example of for vigilante behavior. The latter does not show the same amorality. It exists of the system.

That is what lies beyond all the memes of control. That differentiation based on circumstance. The prosecutor might think, "you know I would want to do the same".  If this wasn't the case there wouldn't be degrees and types of homicide/manslaughter offenses. It is not based off something arbitrary.

So how does this move people beyond?

Instill pride in doing you. Instill an ethic based on an expanded golden rule:

Treat others how you want to be treated, and  treat others how they treat you.

Indifference until otherwise noted. And fuck the rest. No change will come through revolution of goose-stepping sheep forcing a hive mind ideology unless it carries an indifference caveat.

As mentioned, the benefit of everyone going on a personal code of self and mutual respect (at the outset) is self-government. The legal code becomes less necessary, almost a figurehead, when a more self-based ethos becomes the normal. 

This requires no personal refinement other then fucking off how other people live. Remember there's still an artificial legal code to get them.

This is the progression. The State will replace the Church and progressively become less-existent in inverse proportion to it's level of omnipresence. Religious view will stay in the individuals home or designated area and no one will fucking care unless it DIRECTLY effects them in a non-crocodile way.

Only crusading hive minds and skynet can stop this.

** Please take exception and critique it to shit if so inclined.

#118931 - 03/16/19 05:08 AM Re: The Aeon of The State [Re: CanisMachina42]
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Cliff-note argument:

The Secular Saturation Equilibrium.

The more the secular state becomes a saturated dominant fixture of control the less it will need to do to maintain that society, and the freer people will be as a result. This due to the indifferent and respectful, "that's your thing" nature instilled by secular and penal ideals replacing absolute religious moral dictates - which become a "house rule". This, despite serving the same governing function.

#118939 - 03/16/19 11:40 PM Re: The Aeon of The State [Re: CanisMachina42]
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I don’t think this notion of the aeon is very well thought out or well articulated, from the information I have read.

Further, I haven’t accessed a really credible account of how one aeon replaces another aeon, nor have I read a well written account of what constitutes the current aeon and what constitutes its replacement.

Maybe there is useful material out there, which I haven’t read. Maybe the Order of Nine Angles, or from another perspective, the Temple of Set has produced such literature.

The Hegelian philosophy may be a relevant support for this type of historical thinking. According to this philosophy, Geist or the idea, i.e. an absolute rational “subject” is realising itself through contradiction and negation, and this vast macro-level movement is appearing as the ultimate player behind human historical development.

If this were the case then aeonics may amount to the unfolding of the idea’s realisation in human affairs. Each aeon would then possibly be described as “a temporal moment” when one step in the process of contradiction or negation lingered and vented its particular more or less rational specificity in our actions and institutions etc., before moving on.

You would then assume that, at some stage in the future, a point would be reached, when the idea or the rational “subject” would be fully manifested and all the contradictions and negations had been completely passed through. What would such an end point look like? How would one live it? Would it be truly rational?

According to my understanding, a given community can rally around a certain conception of history and can hence work to bring about a certain "aeon" or sustain a certain "aeon". I am not sure, however, that the relationship between human activity (or praxis) and sustaining aeons or replacing aeons has been well established in the literature.

This sort of leads me into thinking about another grand narrative, which evolved out of the Hegelian philosophy, i.e. historical materialism. One can see the “aeons” reasonably clearly in this interpretation of history and further see the sort of past and proposed progress of “aeons” – feudalism to capitalism to communism. Human praxis in relation to sustaining and advancing the “aeon” was reasonably well defined in historical materialism.

I think supporters of aeons and aeonics should be careful to avoid such signifiers as paradigms, episteme, genealogy, archaeology, or the history of being. To my way of thinking aeons and aeonics come across as yet another grand narrative – I haven’t read anything which suggests that this is not the case.

I think paradigms, episteme, genealogy, archaeology and the history of being are all words which describe human history from another perspective, removed from aeon or aeonics.

It is interesting how you have appeared to place your argument upon the modern subject centred versus the older absolute subject centred distinction in order to frame it. I see a completely different interpretation of the emergence, constitution, and function of the state (for instance) when I move from subject centred reason, to the absolute idea, or to the episteme, etc.

I’m not sure if passing through the modern subject is the way out of all this. Passing through the absolute subject will not lead us out of this. I think it may be difficult for standard satanic philosophy to draw on anything else in order to see daylight here.

We may need something else, hey?

#118943 - 03/17/19 05:04 PM Re: The Aeon of The State [Re: Dark Magician]
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I don’t think this notion of the aeon is very well thought out or well articulated, from the information I have read.

The one Aeon that most people are familiar with is The Aeon of Horus.  Mr. Crowley and the projected wisdom of Aiwass hit on something I consider valid, and that is an abrupt change in global civilation.  Citing the charting of the electromagnetic spectrum and other scientific breakthroughs as pushing this shift. As well as spiritual redefinition.

I like to think Aeonic shifts are more than redefining what abstract concept to believe in. In my unaffiliated opinion you can divide modern man into four Aeons of distinct behavior.

Thru 12,000 BCE - Nomadic. The clan based way. Well within the capacity of Dunbar's number.

12,000 BCE - 4,000 BCE - Farming folk. The beginnings of commerce. Todays desert belt was green. The Sahara and Arabian desert were grasslands.

4,000 -  1900 CE  - Civilization one. The first types of civilization.  Spreads through crusade and divine righteousness. Uses fear as control mechanism.  Early civilizations group around water following the disappearance of the green. Noted for the trial and error of civilization forming.

1900 - Civilization 2. Pretty much starts with The League of Nations and the concept of "one world" governments. Individual philosophy taking a back seat to diplomacy, much in the way religiosity will step back for democracy.

The trend seems apparent.

 I reaffirm my statement the next switch is the death of abstract god concepts, with dwindling folk privately holding on like a Zoroastrian in Tehran today...

The next Aeon (IMO) is, unfortunately for those who hate liberal fluff,  a more indifferent secular humanist world halfway to 1984.

The large percentage today that think:

I hate people who don't view all they have as a gift of god, and think they don't deserve any of it.

Will become:

I don't care about people who think differently because it doesn't directly effect me, and they will sew their own lot same as me. Just dont fuck ME over.

A legal code as 'god' is less likely to create conviction and resulting judgemental behavior. It becomes like a cop and incorporates "the spirit of the law", a variable application of rigid text in line with empathy.

A litigious society (If fucking possible) is profoundly less judgemental and more likely to weigh evidence before condemnation. 

The shift I believe is happening firmly replaces divinity with the judicial system. "Law and Order" over "Fire and Brimstone" as the dominant meme. The benefit will be less deferment to the meme itself and more self-regulating behavior. People wont give up their godly judgements so much as it will be bred out through successive generations.

Today, places where the Salem Witch Trials could occur are becoming more and more remote, and in direct proportion with the appearance of secular government.

I hope this clears it up.

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