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#119022 - 04/02/19 08:04 PM Everyone Knows How To Die
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One of my favorite shows takes the same script and calls itself; Mayday, Air Crash Investigations, Air Disasters, and so on.

Several episodes have survivers and all have transripts of ATC communication. The thing that always sticks out isn't the passengers reactions but those with most information about their approaching death. While the passangers in back may pray that can attibuted to situational ignorance.

It seems most only pray until the memory synapses start firing. At that point god is only an interjection said in vain.  Here are some uplifting last words by pilots.

Heaven and Hell:

USAir: 427 - "Hang on. What the hell is this?"

China Airlines: 676 - "Oh my God!  Oh my God!"

But Mostly This:

Continental Express 3407 - "We're down"

Polish Air Force 1549 - "Fuckkkkkk"

* Assassination of Polish Government

Vladivostokavia 352 - "Thatís all guys! Fuck!"

Surinam Airways 764 - "That's it I'm dead."

Alaska Airlines 261 - "Ah here we go."

Air France 447 - "Damn it, we're going to crash... This can't be happening!"

Sometimes Shakespeare...

LOT Polish Airlines 5055 - "Goodnight, Goodbye, We Perish!"

On occasion there is never resignation by the crew:

United Airlines 232 - "Nah, I can't pull 'em off or we'll lose it, that's what's turning ya."

*All four pilots survived. This news crews video captured the final moment.

And sometimes the last comment is for loved ones.

Atlantic Southeast Airlines 529 - "Amy, I love you."

* Got freed from the flight deck by a first responder with an axe.

Pacific Southwest Airlines 182 - "Ma, I love you"

Interestingly, no one, in these final moments speaks for the afterlife except kamikaze or suicide pilots that planned it.

Garuda Indonesia Airlines 152 - "Aaaaaa. Allah Akbar."

Egypt Air 990 - "I rely on God" (repeated over and over)

It goes beyond aviation examples. For all this 'god is intrinsic' shit very few seem to diverge from statements that acknowledge a rapidly approaching finality to it all.

At death it is a sliding scale of self preservation to solace in it just ending, knowing all their efforts failed.

I can't speak for others but I find this one of the most beautiful things about death. The peace that while there may be no atheists in foxholes there are no religious people when the grenade lands next to them.
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#119123 - 04/24/19 05:37 PM Re: Everyone Knows How To Die [Re: CanisMachina42]
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Simulation. Pilots learn on simulating machines. It has everything to do with reality, but it is a simulation. In fact, all of us learn on simulations. All about learning has to do about simulations, in fact it's symbols, one thing and another thing makes two things, but it represents for real life. But it isn't. Real life includes the desperate cries you describe. But the simulation which involves learning spares that part, like cartoons. Accordingly, you can include anything near death.

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