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#119361 - 06/08/19 03:15 PM Fantasia
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#119362 - 06/08/19 03:29 PM Re: Fantasia [Re: WhiteSheep]
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Satan is the Master.

He who feeds. He who does not.

He whose name is not spoken nor heard.

An eye that seeks its own light.

He who laughs at everything and everyone.

He who laughs at the pain of human suffering.

A knife that brings blood to the edge of death.

God the apprentice, those who understand this holy chosen ones.

The Hexagram symbolizes: The Four Powers in the Four Ancient World Religions and the four worlds of the universe.

The three main planes of existence and the fifth plane of existence: Yin and Yang are represented in the symbol by the letters "H." The number 13, has been a symbol of Wisdom for thousands of years.

It is no coincidence that the hexagram is "3 days, 9 hours, and 37 minutes," but the exact origin of Gold is unknown.

The Tetrameter is another symbolic representation of the idea of a "triangle" to represent the hexagram of opposites.

The pentagonal Pentagram in the middle represents the pentacle in which Gold, Man and The Four Worlds live and work together creating all the beautiful works of the universe.

In the outermost point of the triangle is a square and in this point is the circle which connects The Three Worlds or The World of God.

To understand this symbol, the Triangle was symbolic of a circle.

The circle was symbolic of the pentacle and the Square was symbolic of a square.

The Tetrameter was the perfect duality canceling object or representation. For the human mind Pi can represent the same two planes and simultaneously represent the three planes, the Four Tetrahedrons represent all of the planes.

The pentagons represent the Five, Triangle represents all six and each pentagon can be viewed as its own triptych, the Pentagram is the perfect triple pentagon.

For this reason, when the Human mind takes upon itself the ability to see a particular triad of pentagons, there will always be a pentacle on this triangle, it doesn't matter where you stand on that triptych.

For the mind to take upon itself the physical universe it is created in, the human mind needs the mind image of the God, Man and the meaning of Life and The Hexagram (the symbol of Life) is the perfect triad or representation itself.

If the human mind was able to recognize and acknowledge multiple images simultaneously and without distortion then the mind must not only be dual (i.e. two conscious minds) but could remember and identify duality and its existence from one point of view and from another.

The Tetrameter and Satan were a pair of hexagrams, they were opposites of the Pentagram and were dual in nature.

They were also opposites of Gold and thus were not dual in nature, and were only of two nature of Gold, and both were also opposites of the hexagram.

This is an example of a relationship that is not a single one, nor one of two, but rather a duality, and a two nature relationship, for even though the Tetrameter and Satan were opposites and opposites were opposites of each other, they were in opposite directions of the same direction.

They were therefore the opposite of Gold and they were opposites to the Hexagram, which was not created by any human soul. In this way a duality exists, a two nature relationship between these opposites.

Gold was not in a one-sided duality, it was actually two opposites together. And in this duality, Gold did not have duality.

In order to recognize this fact we should know Pi, what is Pi, and see the dual nature of Pi.

The Tetrameter and Satan were made by the power of the opposite, they cancelled the other out. Both were made by taking away the opportunity of the other.

The Tetrameter and Satan could not exist in their true form (and therefore were never created), therefore only their symbols of power or force in their forms and formlessness could.

The Tetrameter and Satan were created out-of-step opposites of the Pentacle.

Each had to be "separated" from the other to make room for the other, and to bring the pentacle into alignment with Creation, the Creator.

In this way, Creation was meant to fit perfectly with Pi.

Satan is the one person, who is unable to find balance as he is unable to align or align with these other faces of the Hexagram.

One face is the ruler of all and the others are the servants.

Satan is unable to find balance with the one who is in truth His enemy.

If Satan could not be ruled, then it is no longer his face, but is his image on the other side of that face that is the same as himself.

Satan is the only person who can align with these Hexagrams, but he cannot find balance.

The only way to achieve this is to make your own face known to yourself.

And yet, the image of a square was created to show how everything, of all the faces, had to fit within the square, and how nothing, of all of them, could ever "fit" or have alignment with another face.

As Satan attempts to move the square closer to one face and closer to one square, one face per square, by moving the pentacle, he is moving each of the three faces closer and closer to one another.

The triangle in the center of the square is still "God".

This is what caused Chaos and ultimately Death as the square was moved towards the two faces by the pentacle.

The pentacle, as the third face, is still "God." God.

The pentacle moved closer toward the two faces by moving it's third face. As it moved towards the two faces, the three faces in the middle of the square were made into a single square.

The Pentagram represented all three faces of God- Man- and their ultimate goal was becoming one with the four cardinal directions.

For instance, the face of the one on the left has three faces, the face on the right has four, the face on the bottom is three face faces and the bottom face has two faces. And so forth.

The image of the Pentagram is itself a symbolic square, to move closer and closer to its own face. This is the ultimate goal of Satan: he wants to be the most powerful, to do what God and man cannot do because he is the image of all three of the faces to form the Pentagram.

He is pulling the center of mass of all the faces from within the Pentagram that were formed by the hexagram to each other, in this way creating a triangular or cube like image that is not perfect at all.

After two cycles of four, 5 and 6, at which time the Pentagram began to turn upside down, all the faces began to align themselves with each other in the center area of the Pentagram.

All the Pentagram faces formed four corners while a piece of light and shadow was visible in the center area of those faces. And all at the same time, all the faces were moving to the right as the square began to move clockwise.

And so we see the Pentagram as being one of the faces of God, as being on top of the others, yet with a gap for the others to climb into, and to fall back over. The Pentagram represents the image of Heaven itself.

Satan has been forced to move from one face to another and the circle has been forced to move toward itself. Satan's power was to break the circle in the Pentagram and then he could move from one face to another (as the circle's power was coming closer to itself).

Satan's objective was to create an alignment between God and the circle.

Therefore, he was forced to create a "parallel universe" created in such a way that God and the circle could be seen, not seen in its own creation and also, not in the way that God created it.

In order to be perceived, the Universe must be recognized, and "the universe" which surrounds it had to "see" itself as it sees itself, in a way that would not violate the law of symmetry.

So, in order to "recognize" itself, it had to be destroyed.

But, this destroyed entity would then have to be created by the "other" Universe (Pi = 4π*CoS(1+pi)) and was created by "The Other".

So, it's a little silly to call it a "creation process" as it is just a "corpora", the circle which will be a part of the "Other" and which, will create the world and be at the "point of creation".

Pi is an ancient symbol, meaning the square was not created with a straight edge when it was created by God. Instead it was created by the same circle, which is how it appears now.

The image was the square and the concept of alignment with that of the circle with the right eye and left hand is the only way to describe a symmetrical image.

Therefore, the square was created in the perfect form, the circle was created in the perfect form and both had to fit in order to be shown.

God created the world in seven days, according to God's commandment. In God's image, created by him, man was organized into seven basic components.

But in God's image, man was not organized into these components. Instead, he was organized into the eight elements of this new world, i.e., the seven elements of life, the nine elements of the four elements of time, the seven elements of space, time, space, and space.

This new world was organized according to the laws of creation, but in fact was not organized by the laws of creation.

The image of the circle of Life, the image of the divine, is also the image of the square. And yet, when looking at our world from a completely different point of view, we find many things familiar in it.

For example, many things that are familiar are things that are being destroyed now, and people die. This was due to the death of God and Creation.

This made a circle more real.

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#119366 - 06/10/19 02:25 PM Re: Fantasia [Re: WhiteSheep]
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The number 13, has been a symbol of Wisdom for thousands of years.

Sure. And this post seems wise if you are 13.

#119367 - 06/10/19 07:37 PM Re: Fantasia [Re: Dan_Dread]
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 Originally Posted By: Dan_Dread
And this post seems wise if you are 13.
Y'know, my bar was pretty fucking low at 13, and I don't think this would've done it for me even then.
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#119372 - 06/10/19 09:10 PM Re: Fantasia [Re: XiaoGui17]
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This makes me feel so much better about my own mental divergence. Thank you!

Dude, have you every looked at the back of a 20 dollar bill? Have you ever folded it up like a plane and looked at the back of a 20 dollar bill on a strange form of evangelical paranoia that finds illuminati/devil symbolism everywhere?

That's the way to see it!

Its a plane, man. And if you descend in notes it shows the twin towers fall. Did they plan it? I dont know. Then you flip it over and its the pentagon. There's a mothman in the bushes, did he know it was gonna happen? Red team go, Red team go! And bushes made the smoke when you fold it up. Bushes. Some crazy shit.

Hey, I am going to look at the stars later, that's the way to see it, especially when you think they are 9000 years old.


Ok, that was too nice.

How fucking retarded are you?

You took the "W" in the Walt Disney logo and turned it 90 degrees while comparing a cartoon magicians hat to the fibonacci sequence superimposed on bullshit.

Oh, sacred geometry, so deep.

Can I have some meth?

That says nothing you realize that, right?

By your logic I can superimpose the arrow in the FedEx logo on top of a pyramid (after I turn it 90 degrees) and remark on the similar angles of the triangle in the arrow and the pyramid.

Or maybe I will say Iowa State Universities basketball team plays in a center with a near-satanic logo on the floor. And that one is about as direct as it can get. YES WE CAN OBEY!

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#119379 - 06/11/19 09:15 AM Re: Fantasia [Re: CanisMachina42]
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The image you posted is definitely a Satanic logo, especially when it's dualistic PIONEER opposite uses the curved line where this one is straight

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#119381 - 06/11/19 01:34 PM Re: Fantasia [Re: WhiteSheep]
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12 sides on a dodecahedron.
13 is a baker's dozen.
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