Gabriel and Satan seem to ostensibly be "fighting," and yet there seems to be something intended for an absent third party to hear this interesting exchange.

First, a bit of context. When Lilith left the garden of Eden and was demanded to return or her children would die, she scoffed and said it was in her nature to eat her children, but then gave a way out, and said that whoever had the sign of Gabriel with them she would not destroy.

Gabriel insisted that Satan return to hell, and questions why he should disturb such a lovely Paradise. Satan laughed and mocked Gabriel's wisdom saying who wouldn't try to escape the pain of hell and find a better place.

Gabriel himself seems the link between heaven and hell. And so if Satan knows Gabriel's role and his wisdom, then to whom is he speaking? It isn't God, who Satan would acknowledge as all knowing. He accused Gabriel of ignorance of only living to sing servile praise, and scorned Gabriel's accusation that Satan had abandoned his tribe to avoid pain. That in order to serve his loved ones that had joined him in rebellion it was his responsibility to find a land more free and less painful than hell, and it was his duty to find this land first as a leader. How can those more inclined to serve understand the responsibilities of leadership? Those more inclined to only find comfort and praise those who provide it?

This can be a jab at Michael. Michael who only measure's his worth and might by serving someone else but has yet to learn the burden of responsibility, but only attempts to prove his worth by thoughtless might but seemingly unwilling to burden himself with the responsibility to lead and care for others.

What this is saying to Michael, who are you to judge when you are too afraid to take responsibility for those you love, and perhaps even willing to betray those he loves in order to please a power greater than himself.

In this manner, while Michael accuses Satan for being a coward for avoiding pain, Satan accuses Michael of cowardice for avoiding responsibility, and even implies that Michael would rather defer to cruelty than to be responsible for the burden of compassion.

Not that Satan is God's equal in power and might, but that only God can understand Satan's respond to those who look to him for answers and protection. That he in some manner is God's equal in perspective and only God is fit to talk to him, because only God can understand him.

Meaning a critical thinker would accept Gabriel's protection as per Lilith's sense of love, and not join Satan as per their own self interest. But to not ignore Satan either. As the wisdom offered is invaluable to any who would suffer the burden of leadership and misunderstanding from those more inclined to serve than to lead.

What is Satan's true burden? He had no one but God to understand his true purpose, and so had to suffer isolation in order to serve God's purpose. To join Satan would be to miss this lesson, and would be merely an outlet for scorn as he has had to endure from many other servant minded people more suited to serve in heaven.

Satan in heaven represents the purest embodiment of light, not out of pretense, but because there that's his truest self, and the self he would prefer. After all, who wouldn't? In hell, he isn't darkness, but is savvy enough to accept where he was and to embody that to the best of his ability to use that darkness as rocket pack to get back to light. Pragmatic genius that can only be emulated and adapted to your circumstances, not assumed out of pretense.

And here is food for critical thought. If harming others only increases a person's suffering and enslave them to bad karma, then why assume that Satan would want or desire to harm you forever? If you found yourself in hell wouldn't it make sense that the more good you do in a way that lessons his suffering from a place of personal self interest the less you will have to suffer? Not because he's nice, but because that's just the nature of the universe. And he didn't create hell, don't forget. If you fail he didn't send you there, you put yourself in because you failed to respect the laws of the universe and love out of anger, resentment, and hubris.

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