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Sorry I missed this response. Must have been Captain Platitude wanting to share more of its bullshit.
Yet another reason to put him on ignore; don't miss the posts of substance.

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True for ACTUAL bisexual men as well, not just the closet cases using it as a stepping stone or cop out. But as it turns out all the women I am personally attracted to wear little to no makeup, swing their arms when they walk, and have unusually broad shoulders.
And even the one guy for every 50 girls is always a natural Genna Rocero type, even the pretransistioned version.
Lol, Lehi's the same way. He likes his women dominant (not necessarily butch, but he likes being ordered around and caned to hell). He likes his men smooth and effeminate, practically women in every way but the dick. Sometimes when I see a good tranny porn, I send him a link.

I'm partial to both the ladyboy and the manly man, but one really has to pick a type and commit to it. Mixing and matching is just clashing. Nobody wants the bearded lady except the circus.

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In my opinion the ONLY way these relationships work is a symbiotic fetish.
In theory, yes, but in practice it's a one-in-a-million shot for two people's fetishes to perfectly gel.

Even if two people have complementary fetishes, usually one won't be precisely what the other wanted. And when it comes to fetishes involving screwing around and denial and jealousy and whatnot, anything that doesn't bullseye the sweet spot is going to blow up.

"Oh yeah, do this, baby."
"No, wait, not like that!"

Or, even if the execution is precisely what the guy wanted when he was horny, once he blows his load and the mists clear, he might suddenly feel very differently about it. (Seriously, what is up with that?)

Coordinating two people's fetishes requires both to be honest with both themselves and each other to a degree that few are.

And as unlikely as it is for two people to be into the exact same thing, it's much less likely when dealing with three/ four/ &c people.
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