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#120547 - 10/22/19 03:57 AM What is satanic??
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what is satanic?? Can you please inform us. I don't know ..
#120548 - 10/22/19 09:33 AM Re: What is satanic?? [Re: scorey]
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I wish I knew. All I do is get fucked up; write shit and post music videos. Nobody seems to have much of a problem with it, so I keep doin' it.

I do have exceptional taste in music covering a wide array of genres, so maybe that helps.

Something is going on here.

#120549 - 10/22/19 09:50 AM Re: What is satanic?? [Re: scorey]
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Your line and delivery of inquiry certainly isn’t Satanic. How about poking around the archives and reading up a little?

Also, who is “us”? Do you have multiple personalities?

#120551 - 10/22/19 01:05 PM Re: What is satanic?? [Re: Dark Light 444]
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what is satanic?? Can you please inform us. I don't know ..

Do you mean 'us' as in Muslims, or do you have extra heads too?

And speaking of Hindu.

Self-immolation is tolerated by some elements of Mahayana Buddhism and Hinduism, and it has been practiced for many centuries, especially in India, for various reasons, including jauhar, political protest, devotion, and renouncement.

There are also a bunch of non-lethal things to consider before lighting the monk on fire, but you can only know those when the situation arises and will is imposed on.

I hope that answers your question.

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