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#1209 - 10/19/07 10:38 PM Satan is God reversed?
Samuel Hain Offline

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I seem to remember a Medieval catholic saying to the effect of : Satan is god reversed. (Or was it God is Satan reversed?) Does anybody have the original quite in Latin?
#1287 - 10/28/07 02:07 PM Re: Satan is God reversed? [Re: Samuel Hain]
TornadoCreator Offline

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Don't bother with the obsession with Satan, it's nothing more than a symbol of the actions most religions condemn that Satanism and most Satanists agree are natural and healthy. Things such as Lust and Greed. As most Satanists are Atheist anyway it's not worth spending time getting anything that is directly anti-God or anti-Christian, all it will do is serve as a way to piss people off and let's face it, do you really care about a Latin quote relating a fictional god to a fictional devil?

That's how I see it all anyway.
If you can't practice what you preach, at least have the decency to preach what you practice

#2138 - 11/22/07 10:55 AM Re: Satan is God reversed? [Re: Samuel Hain]
Sinistar Offline

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If you're still pondering this, I just started a book called "The Devil's Apocrypha" by John De Vito. It's about a priest, after encountering Lucifer, sets out to find out the truth that was conveniently altered by those of the Abrahamic religions. I don't want to be the spoiler, but it does pertain to your question.

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