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#121169 - 01/01/20 07:26 PM Cryptomnesia?
XiaoGui17 Online
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So songs that sound remarkably similar have been pointed out before, but here's a dedicated thread.

This came on my Spotify shuffle during my commute. I heard the bass line and and began to sing along, only to realize I had mistaken it for a different song (looking at the comment section, I wasn't alone).

And while everyone and their dog in this comment section is dogging Puddle of Mudd for ripping off Nirvana...

...I heard a different similarity.

What are some that you've noticed?
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#121171 - 01/01/20 09:22 PM Re: Cryptomnesia? [Re: XiaoGui17]
CanisMachina42 Offline
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There are several, sometimes I do not even like the song. Some trip me up, some I cant hep but noticing.

I hear this one as Gloria Gainer, I Will Survive

Some are intentional tributes or just lazy. Offspring covers Obladi Oblada

Or this Offspring song. As he walks through the valley of Nirvana's Stay Away

And Nirvana themselves, In Kurt's attempt to write a Pixies song rewrote More Than a Feeling. And no one mocked the song more than them. Actually did both songs together at the 1992 Reading Festival

Of course Greenday did 25 or 6 to 2

Weezer did Sanitarium Albeit much slower.

And I am fairly certain Papa John Roach owes their career to Hallowed Be Thy Name or Ghengis Khan Take your pick.

I think the first one is the truest example of as much.

#121173 - 01/02/20 02:03 PM Re: Cryptomnesia? [Re: CanisMachina42]
aeon6 Offline

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Tributes can spawn even from nonprotégés, sometimes mocking.
"If I Were A Carpenter" is a 90's tribute to the marshmallow band the Carpenters.
Richard Carpenter has said he does not "care" for the version of "Superstar" by Sonic Youth, the best tune in my opinion. Quaaludes and anorexic sisters will do that.

#121179 - 01/03/20 02:03 AM Re: Cryptomnesia? [Re: aeon6]
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Wonderful thread. I’m on vacation and thick in parties, so I’ll have to revisit with some of my own discovered copies at a later time.

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