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#126 - 09/05/07 11:43 AM Lavey Always Wore a Black Beret
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Found this on another Satanic board, thought you people might enjoy it. I used to always wear a black beret when I was in high school so I found this strangely touching - Satanists, born, not made, share some common fashion gene.

(as a side note, we really need some new emoticons.)
 Originally Posted By: The Cove;278632
Greetings -

On a side note - I have met LaVey, a few times in passing on the street - nothing deep, just a nod or a hello. He was older then, in the decade or so before his death. He always wore a black beret and drove a Dolorean. His house on California St. (San Francisco) was near my own.
It was an old Victorean - painted grey and black and shuttered - no matter what time of the year. There was a fence in front with barbwire - a rather strange sight in relation to the other houses in the hood. In his backyard there was a large tree overgrown with moss and ivy. There was an alter at the base - but some nasty dogs prevented further investigation. Also a fire pit with strange refuse.
At one point I had a studio a few houses down and recall always hearing a child crying from the upper floors - this bothered me to such an extent that I called the police and told them to check it out. I know not the result of my call - but the sound stopped soon after.
I also recall seeing his daughter now and then - she went to the same high school I did but about five years earlier. Extreme blond hair, black clothes and sunglasses all the time. Pretty in a wasted sort of way.
There was a neighborhood tradition to egg his house and yell and holler and carry on in front, every Halloween. A story went around about how on one of these occasions he opened his door made a sign with his hand at one of the teenagers who then dropped to the ground in a fit.
So there you go - off topic - but I thought some would appreciate it.

#163 - 09/07/07 02:53 PM Re: Lavey Always Wore a Black Beret [Re: 97and107]
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What did he do?...flip the kid off? I went to a website once that supposedly his daughter made (zena) and it talked about how Anton wasn't really how he puts himself out..I will try to find a link for it then you can put your opinions down.
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#171 - 09/08/07 01:57 AM Re: Lavey Always Wore a Black Beret [Re: KRADL3_DUST08]
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 Originally Posted By: KRADL3_DUST08
I went to a website once that supposedly his daughter made (zena) and it talked about how Anton wasn't really how he puts himself out..

How very Satanic deceiving you into believing he was something other than what he was... Already read it that is my opinion...

Seems the man lived true to his own word...
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