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#13113 - 10/21/08 02:26 PM Re: Seperation of Church and State [Re: 6Satan6Archist6]
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 Originally Posted By: 6Satan6Archist6
....agendas. Both of these stem from Christian values and it is just a way for them to impose their stupid little fairy tale on the rest of us. ....

if i was in politics, i would use that to my advantage, then once i got my foot in the door of the white house, out comes the new Satanic empire (Joke)
but, you could use it as a tool to get them on your side once the vote has been casted and your the winner,, what more would you want \:\)
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#13116 - 10/21/08 03:20 PM Re: Seperation of Church and State [Re: 6Satan6Archist6]
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Rereading my reply, I might indeed not have used an obvious or correct word to express myself on it. I didn't imply revolting as disgusting but more as rebellious.

Blame it on my non-englishness, when I don't pay attention, I can insert the wrong word at times or a stoneage version.


#13125 - 10/21/08 05:28 PM Re: Seperation of Church and State [Re: The Zebu]
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Wow, that video makes me wish I could vote for Obama
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#13164 - 10/21/08 09:49 PM Re: Seperation of Church and State [Re: Dan_Dread]
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Ah, but who says we aren't already? I live in the suburbs of Washington, DC. We have 20 members in our local group. None younger than 35. That's as far as I am allowed to go, for membership reasons and privacy reasons. ;\)
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#13212 - 10/22/08 11:15 AM Re: Seperation of Church and State [Re: The Zebu]
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I think we all need to keep politicians neutral on religion because by giving favor to so called Judeo Christian values they are in fact violating the constitution which says we shall entreat or favor no particular religion and exercise the freedom of worship. When John McCain or any other candidate keeps emphasizing Judeo/Christian values we need to give them five demerits with public ridicule. Our political system has been pulverized by false education of what being a conservative or liberal means. These are not moral or religious choices, they are fiscal and civic choices...You can be a Satanist and be a very good fiscal conservative, or you can be gay or lesbian and still be a fiscal conservative because it is about what you do with taxpayer's money and I think anybody who is a Satanist should make sure they can take advantage of every tax loophole and give as little to government as possible. Anybody who has a coven, church or wigwam, should set up a non-profit organization on the side and use it to write off everything!
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#13499 - 10/27/08 01:59 AM Re: Seperation of Church and State [Re: 6Satan6Archist6]
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 Originally Posted By: 6Satan6Archist6
that's all politicians have ever done: sang to the popular tune at the time to win favor.

Then they should attend mass. Though Baptist is a very close second, Catholicism is actually the most predominant religion (70 million or so). It would probably do them well to learn spanish, too...because seeing as they are outbreeding everyone else and continuing to waltz right over the border, we are fast looking at becoming the next mexico...I guess we could all move down there once they have cleared out and start a new country.

#22081 - 03/16/09 06:21 AM Re: Seperation of Church and State [Re: ceruleansteel]
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I bitch allot about living in Utah. But it is a truly white conservative Mormon theocracy here. The non Mormon population is gaining here, but it is slow in coming. The church and State intertwining leads to oppression to those who are different and disagree with the masses of the brainwashed zombies. Here, they fear us... But as the so called righteous saints deny their carnal nature, and outlaw adulthood the effect comes back to bite them in the ass. One of the highest unplanned teen pregnancy rates in the nation, the highest pornography subscription in the US, the second highest prescriptions of antidepressants, a high rate of suicide etc. And, this is mostly contained in the Mormon and "Jack Mormon" population. The more the church and state restrict human nature, the more tragic the results seem to be. Out founding fathers would roll over in their grave if they saw what has become of out nation and it's sheeple...

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#22099 - 03/16/09 09:48 AM Re: Seperation of Church and State [Re: The Zebu]
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Religion has always been used as a political tool to rally up people and get them behind whatever the Government's ideals were. Bush was going around telling people how the "War on Terror" was a God-given decision. Separation of Church and State wont happen as long as we live in a society run by Judeo-Christian values. It's far to easy to rally up the sheep-like flock of mankind when you convince them that God is on their side, nations have always done this.
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#22574 - 03/26/09 11:03 AM Re: Seperation of Church and State [Re: Morbid Rex]
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The problem with there being little seperation between church and state is christanity is now starting to inform policy. The absolute end situation could be that it pulls us scientificaly into a new dark ages.
#22586 - 03/26/09 03:56 PM Re: Seperation of Church and State [Re: BaronVonShankly]
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What do you mean now? This has been going on for a long time. Ever since this country was founded, in fact. The Puritans came over here with the hopes of living in a place free of sin. That being the case; religous meddeling in politics is not the exception it is the rule.
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#22823 - 04/02/09 08:53 PM Re: Seperation of Church and State [Re: 6Satan6Archist6]
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Religion has a history of being too caught up in politics all over the world. There is no major religion in the world that I can name that either does not now or has not in the past controlled a decent part of the government in some country or another.

This is unfortunate, because politics really should have a lot more to do with the public good and the people's rights rather than the opinion of the religious.

Why else is same-sex marriage not legal yet?

Though I suppose I must concede that people in many other countries have it a lot worse than us Americans (and Canadians, Germans, British, et. al.) like Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan, and such.

#22849 - 04/03/09 01:20 AM Re: Seperation of Church and State [Re: 6Satan6Archist6]
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Listen,there will never be a separation of church and state,especially not in this country.I am a cold,hard realist about such things.And even though I'm a satanist,I don't even dream about some kind of 'satanic empire',because there will never be one.There hasn't been one yet anyway.People throughout history continue to structure each and every society around some nonsense that has nothing to do with the running of government.The Only thing we can hope for are 'laws' that allow us our individual freedom of choice and right to privacy.Which is exactly what the religious 'right' and their kind don't want us to have.These people don't even believe the crap they say anyway.They just want to tell you how to live your life.
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#23195 - 04/11/09 12:34 AM Re: Seperation of Church and State [Re: Lucius600]
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I have a great deal of envy when it comes to constitutional countries. The UK has no such laws, which meant I had to go through the indoctrination process by a state school. Never been esspecialy chuffed about that one.
#31152 - 11/02/09 11:40 PM Re: Seperation of Church and State [Re: 6Satan6Archist6]
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our founding fathers would be horrified bye the way this country is be ruled by a religion there is no reason that it should be taking as a people can we have pride in our country and believe in the the politicians that "rule" it to use there beliefs as a construct for a political platform....we have freedom of religion and i guess the "right" to be ruled by one,its bullshit.i want to see a santanist ever try to openly run in a political campain and see how far he gets.
#31171 - 11/03/09 07:13 AM Re: Seperation of Church and State [Re: SkaffenAmtiskaw]
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If religions feel that they have the right to meddle in the affairs of government, then they should be taxed. If not taxed on their income, then at least tax them on all that lovely property they own. The world is, after all, a business, Mr. Beale.
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