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#13598 - 10/28/08 09:47 PM Re: MCoS [Re: Nemesis]
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I feel you. The opening pages almost fooled me into thinking that place would be pretty cool. Damn forums ruining my preconceived ideas! *fistshake*

The whole idea of a website pretending to be a 'church' is so pretentious (not to mention silly) I don't know whether I want to laugh or vomit.

Maybe you guys should convert this site into 'the church of the 600' and appoint everyone with a green name a magister!
Magistra Nemesis, 10th degree high poohba! Hail!

#13599 - 10/28/08 10:27 PM Re: MCoS [Re: Dan_Dread]
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Hey hey now...keep feeding my ego and I'll get so tall I'll have to shop at a Big & Tall store for chicks! Besides, giving everyone a green name would take away the specialness of MY green name, and why would I want that? You're dealing with a fellow elitist/egoist here, LOL

I'll admit, I'm fairly nosey, and I love hearing trash being talked. I think I'll head over the the MCoS forum and lurk and laugh ;\)
Nothing is sacred.

#13616 - 10/29/08 11:30 AM Re: MCoS [Re: Nemesis]
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I've been nosing some more at the site and find it a kinda funny place. Ultimately it's another us vs them version. A lot of babbling about the wrongs of other orgs and churches and whatever, but they present the same thing in a satanic-light package. It's just another church even though it does its best to hide that fact. Not asking money, having entry requirements or a (visible) hierarchy doesn't change that.

The forum is more like a glorified chat box; a lot of social talk. I'm not gonna say there is deep thinking here all the time but reading there is like zapping on television, you forget it the second you switch to the next.

Seriously, a satanic whatever that accepts about everyone and in that exposes itself as a bottomfeeder, what's with that?

What's wrong with some healthy elitism?


#13639 - 10/30/08 01:22 AM Re: MCoS [Re: Diavolo]
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Seriously, a satanic whatever that accepts about everyone and in that exposes itself as a bottomfeeder, what's with that?

What's wrong with some healthy elitism?


you hit the nail on the head. That’s why us dinosaurs keep returning to Mothership.

You and I have been on these internets a long time, so you know I’m not just referring to these kids. They are just last in a long line of clowns, all climbing out of the same little html satanic clowncar.
The people that put them together have desires of control, respect, and generally easy dating (and frequently paranoid delusions), and they design these orgs to give natural born followers something to join. The joiners feel a part of something, and they’ re made to feel fantastic with being mediocre.
This is great for a knitting circle and just super for a pop stars fan site, but there is nothing remotely satanic in just proclaiming yourself “your own god”, an elitist if you will, and then just leaving it at that.
I can not join a hot rod club because I own a Honda civic (hey it’s a satanic Honda civic), yet any 45 year old porkpie that lives in his grandparents basement and hasn’t had sex without paying for it since 1979 and uses his monthly disability check to pay for internet and lottery tickets can proclaim himself Grand and Exalted High Priest Magister Prime Overlord of Demonoidatry and throw up some schlocky website. Or an 18 year old that cant make shift manager at McDonalds for that matter.
And, people will sign up.

Personally I have not been big into joining groups. Even in my career and amongst my professional peers I rarely participate and I hold little in common with the buffoons. A few years ago however, I became enamored with the ONA.
Now there was some elitism.
They had 2 or three members, and they ceased to exist by the time the writings hit the internet. I took that stuff and some of it I discarded, but some I did not. I realized that it was an "organization" that was based on transcendence achieved on one’s own. They never spelled it out or gave step by step directions, like true occultism should not.
Occultism by definition meaning hidden.
The ONA writings encourage solitude, both as a by-product of setting yourself apart from the herd, and as a means of finding self-awareness. I slept in the woods. I slept on the beach. When I moved back to Los Angeles I walked with the bums. I did weird shit that 10 years I did not think I would be doing. I found out a lot of things about myself, and I became leaner, meaner, more focused, and dare I say, better than the rest.

ONA is an extreme example, being that in all likelihood they never really did manifest as an actual organization , but truly living your life as a Satanist is an extreme endeavor. Joining, following, wishing, pretending… all are such an inherent part of Satanism that I hesitate to define myself as such anymore.

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