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#13696 - 10/31/08 05:41 PM The Internet Pirate
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The internet is a major part of today’s culture. Welcome to the information age, where even the most ignorant of humans can educate themselves with a few mouse clicks. There are those who take things a step further. They providing legally protected material to people, free of charge.

The people giving, and the people taking are considered pirates. I would have to say I am guilty of being a pirate. If it saves me money, I’m all for it. Recently, I hacked my Xbox 360 so I can play games before release. The major reason was this season is rather large for great games coming out. So, instead of spending $60 a game, I spend $2 a game for the dual layer dvd+r disk needed to burn 360 games on. I didn’t even give someone else money to hack my 360 for me, I did it myself.

I’m also guilty of pirating music and movies. These two seem to be the most typical forms of piracy. I download, rip and even upload movies. I haven’t purchased a music album in years. Movies are a different strand for me. I have a Netflix account that I pay for 3 disks at a time. I have a purchased copy of AnyDVD and CloneDVD. When I get the movies in the mail, I turn on my external terabyte drive, burn a copy to it and send them right back.

Myself, as far as sites, I don’t really belong to any real exclusive ones. Demonoid is so public, it’s not even worth mentioning. I haven’t had any issues with my ISP and p2p sharing since I started years ago until last week. If you are downloading the HBO series True Blood from torrent sites, I recommend you don’t. HBO is actually tracing the traffic and reporting it to your ISP to suspend your account. I even use two proxies when I p2p share.

So, I wanted to start a thread for people to share invites to private torrent sites, discuss ethical issues raised by pirating, what do you pirate and whatever else included in peer to peer sharing or pirating.

Pirating Applications Used:
CloneDVD Mobile
Nero Ultra

I always scan for viruses on the files before opening/burning them. I use all 3 of these before touching the files:
Malwarebytes’ Anti-Malware
Spybot Search & Destroy

Sites used: (rarely, I try to avoid this one if I can)
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#13698 - 10/31/08 06:34 PM Re: The Internet Pirate [Re: Disabuse]
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I download alot of music and movies, I also still buy music and every now and then will pay to go see a movie if it looks good enough. One of my favorite programs for downloading is called zultrax. You can download it from and it is a great little program. I use it to download movies, software, and e-books. The best thing about it is that it is free; free of price and of spyware. Another good free downloading program is graboid. My only issue with that one is when you get a free membership, you have a limited amount of bandwith. Once it runs out you are expected to pay to keep downloading. There is another site I go to when I just want to watch movies online and not have to download them. The site is There is a pretty good selection of movies on this site and many of them are still in theaters. The only problem i've had with it is choosing the appropriate link provided by the site to watch the movie. Also every now and then i'll click on a link that has been removed because it was reported. It is still better than having to spend $9+ to go see a movie in the theater.
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#13709 - 10/31/08 08:40 PM Re: The Internet Pirate [Re: 6Satan6Archist6]
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The following information is for educational purposes only…

Where to start…

Firstly the usual problem with torrents is the fact that once you get enough of the torrent in or once it completes it begins to seed the file back out into the wild… I could be wrong but this is likely what got you as myself a warning from your ISP.

Hints to not get you in trouble: Do not share, stop the download when going to bed to not accidentally share, when the file is complete close the program and move it out of the folder your program downloads to… A friend of mine who downloads a lot of movies swears by a program called PeerGuardian (freeware)…

To copy DVD’s I prefer a program called DVD Shrink (also freeware)… With it you can easily re-author a DVD removing foreign language tracks and other garbage… It also does a fair job at compressing whatever you throw at it to fit on a single layer DVD disk with good quality… It will also open and re-author any DVD files already stored on your hard drive…

Now what I do find interesting is how many supposed paid warez sites there are nowadays… I mean seriously would you pay with your credit card (exposing your banking information) to these people?

Watching a movie on a computer monitor is hardly ever comparable to seeing a movie on a theater screen… A few recent movies that come to mind are Transformers, Iron Man, Cloverfield, 300… Then again there are other movies that loose nothing from theater screen to TV…

But then again if you really need to save $9… That makes it sound so petty… Usually the movies I download I end up buying the retail disk at a later date… Consider it an inferior preview copy… Where to end… There is so much more that could be said, perhaps I will pick it back up at a later date…

This is all I want to share at the present time…


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#13710 - 10/31/08 08:49 PM Re: The Internet Pirate [Re: ta2zz]
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 Originally Posted By: ta2zz
Firstly the usual problem with torrents is the fact that once you get enough of the torrent in or once it completes it begins to seed the file back out into the wild… I could be wrong but this is likely what got you as myself a warning from your ISP.

Yes, it's called seeding. And that is not what my ISP issues arose from. My ISP doesn't monitor my usage, nor do they care what I am doing. HBO itself is monitoring True Blood sharing and is reporting it to ISPs. My ISP had no choice at that point but to "suspend" my account. All I had to do was call them and they reactivated me after telling me they were contacted by HBO for peer to peer activity regarding True Blood.

And the fact that you don't seed, but only leech, is sad to me. I believe if you're going to take, you might as well help give. The only cost is your bandwidth, and you can limit the amount you upload. Whenever my computer goes idle, my torrents will uncap speeds and upload as fast as I can send it. Why not? Not like I'm using it. Only issue I can see why someone wouldn't seed is because their specific ISP monitors and regulates p2p protocols. That's not a provider I'd be happy with at all.
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#13711 - 10/31/08 09:05 PM Re: The Internet Pirate [Re: Disabuse]
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I have made mass illegal copies of PC software in the past. I never bought a video game in my life...

As (probably with the age \:\) ) I don’t spend my night playing games or watching movies anymore. Just my needs which are low on this side.

I did not keep myself up to date with P2P and torrent site. I’m just a little bit fed up with my geek side \:\)

Anyway, I have an army of young boys at work who will be pleased to give me copies of any movie, software or music I would like. I just have to “order”, the CD is on my desk in few days…

I also used a dish with a cracked decoder. It was boring as the key where sometimes changing frequently. When it was not the crypting algorithm and then you had to wait for the crack and flash the decoder. I gave up and now I have the TV on ASDL (legal and as the mother cpy of my employer is the ISP and TV provider I have big discount – good deal, zero risk).

On the virus side, I played a little bit with them when I was 20. It’s not so hard to realize once you have the basic concepts, if you’re good at assembler.

On the fraud side I’ve been responsible of 2 applications at work, one was “Call Search“ used for providing the info requested by cops & courts. The 2nd was the anti fraud system for detecting fraud on cell phone usage.

On hacking, the success resides in the preparation of the attack. You can spend months in gathering informations on the site you intend to attack. If you don’t know who his ISP is, what kind of web server is used etc, forget about it.

That’s all for what I did/know on the subject

A final remark about artists (I heard about some French ones) who start to have financial difficulties. The piracy, especially for music, impacts the market and I think it cannot last forever like this. We’ll face a crisis soon or later but I don’t see how it could be stopped. All actors will have to adapt abruptly.

#13712 - 10/31/08 10:32 PM Re: The Internet Pirate [Re: Disabuse]
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I try to seed any torrents that I download whenever I'm running my p2p software. After a month, I will delete the torrent and data file from my pc to make way for new ones. I use Azureus/Vuze for movies, whole cd's, programs and cracks. For individual mp3's I use Limewire. I don't leave either one of those programs running, only when I am downloading.

When searching for torrents to download, I do a query on , and it displays several locations for me to download them from.

I take the time to read reviews for each torrent, left by those unfortunate who were the first to download it and experience any problems. Coupled with scanning for any viruses or trojans, I've managed to do well with not installing any bad shit on my pc.

I also copy my completed downloads to a folder on my external hard drive, and after I'm done seeding them for a time, delete them from my internal drive.

To me, nothing can compare with seeing a movie on the big screen, or even better, on Imax. The only movies I download are ones that I've paid the $9 for and seen at the movies, or ones that I missed, and like to rewatch over and over. I can't get enough of "Batman Begins", mostly due to the fact that I love watching Christian Bale simply breathe, much less look sexy in a suit and kick some ass. I've even had several of my avi movies converted/compressed and uploaded to my iPod Touch using Videora freeware, so I can watch them at any time. Christian Bale and Harold and Kumarr on demand! I have an mp3 jack in my new SUV (what new car doesn't come with one nowadays?), so I can watch movies on my iPod and listen in surround sound!

Listening to "Half-Baked" on the way to work in the morning was like icing on the cake. I promise that I only watched it while sitting at red lights ;\)
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#13718 - 11/01/08 01:05 AM Re: The Internet Pirate [Re: Disabuse]
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i am a dirty pirate motherfucker. I use mainly soulseek for music, and I havent bought a mainstream major label album in years. most of what I listen to is considered obscure metal or avant garde/experimental, or its long out of print blues, and soulseek is frequently the only place to find such things.
see I tell myself that but then I have a 100gb of music. so yes, i have an addiction.

i am building a computer for recording currently and i am desperately hunting down audio apps now, and I find myself at the mercy of torrent sites such as pirate bay or mininova. im using some Vuze thing and its retarded slow.

if anyone has a spare invite to demonoid or similar, please do let me know!

#14023 - 11/07/08 11:15 AM Re: The Internet Pirate [Re: Bacchae]
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I used to have everything illegal in the old days even before they invented the CD or DVD. With the rise of the first CD recorders, we copied and sold about everything we could get our hands on. During those days the internet was a freehaven and especially sex in all kinds was a popular thing to sell. You would find everything on the web and I mean really everything.
None had the patience to watch a vid that took ages and ages to get on your screen so buying compilations was popular.
Those were the days an average guy had to jack off at a picture on the internet, can you imagine.
That market collapsed when all the kiddos were making lunch money at daddies PC and using the burner only he could afford.

So my interest in it all kinda faded. If I really need something, I'll hop out my credit card and get a subscription at sites like easynews and download whatever I need -at max speed- but I can't say I use it much.

Music I seldom buy or download. I only buy about all the shit Nick Cave makes and that's it. Yes I know, I'm an old man. I hardly listen to music however, maybe 1 hour a week max. At times weeks without. I prefer silence, no music at my computer, no multimedia whatever in my car.

Movies the same, I occasionally buy one but that's it. Never the 'latest' revelation. If you wait a couple of weeks, you get the same shit at half the price. I won't die from not having it seen the moment it gets out. I hate going to the movies, so that's no option anyways.

So I got a spiffy connection down here with close to no 'surveillance' but I lost the need to abuse it.


#14039 - 11/07/08 05:21 PM Re: The Internet Pirate [Re: Diavolo]
Marilyn Offline

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I still buy DVD's and CD's..
but also download too.
I have allot of DVD's. + i think it looks awesome when u visit someone and there is a whole wall of movies and all.
another good thing about dvd's, are the extra features.
and i might be the only one here, but i still buy VINYL too!
nothing beats good old vinyl spinning on sl 1210's

but download program i use are:

thats about it,, hahaha

too bad that mp3 is killing the vinyl industry and also taking down the CD industry too \:\(
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#14053 - 11/08/08 01:49 AM Re: The Internet Pirate [Re: Marilyn]
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Movies and music I download. I rarely download the whole album. The only program I use is limewire. Recently a friend of mine got sued for illegal downloading. He settled out of court for 3500 dollers. I still risk it tho. Occasionaly I will burn and sell movies to my friends.
#14057 - 11/08/08 09:09 AM Re: The Internet Pirate [Re: Butterz]
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Back in the day....

There was an app called Virtual IP that give servers a bogus IP. I believe this is how most RIAA detectives find people.

As a general rule, I don't believe in stealing intellectual property from individuals. I couldn't give a fuck about the intellectual property of a soulless corporation. Corporations are simply legal constructs. Although the law is written to the contrary, in an absolute moral sense corporations do not have any right to the same protections enjoyed by flesh and blood people.
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#14232 - 11/11/08 07:16 PM Re: The Internet Pirate [Re: Fist]
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I NEVER download any pirated material and I frown at the practice.
The reason for this is simple; if someone is producing entertainment, they need to be paid for their troubles.
A successful producer needs fundings to produce.
If I produce, I expect to get paid.

Anybody ripping me off?
I do not react kindly...

The notion of "insta-rebellion" which most internet-pirateers struts around is IMNSHO cheap and boring.

I faithfully support I-tunes as I consider it a business of value to me.
Loads of music that will never be commercially re-published as CDs are availiable for download.
And; I am more than willing to contribute financially to this practice being upheld and expanding.


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#14289 - 11/12/08 04:32 PM Re: The Internet Pirate [Re: Woland]
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I also only download bought or free music and movies. I still buy alot of music at my local cd store, although my daughter loves our Itunes account.

I have subscription tv, so I get movies through that for the most part.

That's not to say I have absolutely no pireted stuff on my computer, I have been known to accept 'gifts' from others, but I'm for the most part against stealing in any form.

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#14319 - 11/12/08 09:28 PM Re: The Internet Pirate [Re: ZephyrGirl]
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I have a lot of friends in bands. I don't like/buy pirated music or movies because it takes money out of their pockets.

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#14322 - 11/12/08 10:08 PM Re: The Internet Pirate [Re: Morgan]
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I download music from official band sites.

As for iTunes, I think it's a great way to get a load of music without having to worry about anything going into the trash. (cds, plastic wrapping...)

I'm not sure where I can download movies and the such, though.

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