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#15750 - 12/08/08 07:28 AM Re: Racism [Re: Nemesis]
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This thread is pointless.

Agreed! This thread is pointless because racism is pointless.

Who can provide me a list of the different human races ?

#15752 - 12/08/08 11:35 AM Re: Racism [Re: Picunnus]
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 Originally Posted By: Picunnus
Because they don't all come from the same gene pool. There are Ashkenazim, Sephardim, and Mizrahim. The Ashkenazim are descended from the medieval Jewish communities in the Rhineland. The Sephardim originated in the Iberian Peninsula. Mizrahim are from the Middle East, North Africa, Central Asia and the Caucasus.


Or could it be that Judaism is a religion and has absolutely nothing to do with "race"?


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#15761 - 12/08/08 02:18 PM Re: Racism [Re: Nemesis]
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 Originally Posted By: Nemesis
This thread is pointless. You go right ahead and have your opinion on who you think you are, and I'll have my opinion on who I think I am and the majority of other people are.

I have better things to do.

That would be the best course of action. Chances are you will not be able to sway my opinion on this subject.
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#15766 - 12/08/08 03:50 PM Re: Racism [Re: Nemesis]
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I'm rather surprised and amused that what I said caused such an uprising between two other people.
And about the poop comment, it is natural to do when there are benefits. Poop (though gross to some) has some nutritional value. It is natural to practice habits that have a noticeable positive effect.
As for racism/ discrimination, There are befits to it, but in most human societies, it also has detrimental effects at times. It is your (subconscious) choice
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#15793 - 12/08/08 07:35 PM Re: Racism [Re: Woland]
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Ah, well, actually that depends which Jews you talk to. If they are Reform or even Conservative, they will agree with you. If they are Orthodox, they actually do consider themselves to be a race. (They also think that we all owe our existence to them because if the Jewish race were obliterated, the earth would cease to exist. It's only here for them, you know!) They let people convert, true, but VERY FEW people, and it's an extremely arduous process that can take years. If you decide you're not Jewish anymore, too bad. To them, it's something you are, like being black. According to Jewish law, if your mother was Jewish, you are Jewish. You can't just change your mind - at most you would be a "nonpracticing Jew". I tend to think of Jews from the Orthodox view, as they are the only ones with whom I have discussed these things in depth.

#15805 - 12/08/08 11:46 PM Re: Racism [Re: Picunnus]
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This thread has run it course and is going no where. I am closing it.
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