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#14364 - 11/13/08 04:06 PM Baby P's death outrage
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Working in the shop , and putting out the newspapers. I read the front page. and seen this horrific news.

what should happen to people like this?

/sorry if it such a long post, but is bad/

THE Children's Secretary has ordered a new review into child protection at the local authority responsible for the care of Baby P.

Ed Balls today ordered the inquiry of children’s welfare services in Haringey, in the wake of the case of the 17-month-old boy who died after being horribly abused.

Mr Balls said the review will involve an “urgent and thorough inspection of the quality of practice and management of all services which contribute to the effective safeguarding of children” in the north London borough.

And he announced the director of children’s services in Hampshire, John Coughlan, has been drafted in immediately to work alongside his counterpart in Haringey to ensure proper procedures for safeguarding children are in place and are being properly applied.

Mr Balls today received a report into the Baby P case, commissioned from an independent reviewer by Haringey’s Local Safeguarding Children Board.

He said the Serious Case Review indicated there were “a number of failings of practice and management by the agencies involved” in Baby P’s case.

He also said the independent report showed that agencies in Haringey had “singly and collectively failed to adhere to the procedures for the proper management of child protection cases”.

There was evidence of “poor quality practice, management and supervision of staff in all agencies”.

Bloodstained ... pictures of toddler's clothing shown to trial jury as evidence

Bloodstained ... pictures of toddler's clothing
shown to trial jury as evidence

Mr Balls said: “The case of Baby P is tragic and appalling. It is our duty to take whatever action is needed to ensure that such a tragedy doesn’t happen again, that lessons are learned and that children in Haringey are safe.”

The review will be conducted jointly by Ofsted, the Commission for Healthcare Audit and Inspection and the Chief Inspector of Constabulary. Inspectors with specialist expertise and experience in child protection are due to produce an initial report by December 1.

David Cameron today called for heads to roll over a council's failure to prevent the tragic death of the tortured baby.

In a stinging attack on Haringey council he said: “Those whose job it was to oversee this system have failed. They must admit that and pay a price.

‘ they singly and collectively failed to adhere to the procedures for the proper management of child protection cases ’

“Society cannot work unless individuals carry the consequence of their actions. We've had a raft of excuses and not one apology. The buck has got to stop somewhere.”

The Tory leader also slammed an "unacceptable" Government decision to let Sharon Shoesmith, the chair of Haringey Safeguarding Children Board, conduct the review into the tragic death of Baby P.

The little boy was seen SIXTY times by health or social workers during the eight months in which he was brutally abused.

The tot had more than FIFTY injuries or bruises.

When he was seen by a doctor two days before he died, he had a broken back, eight fractured ribs and was paralysed from the waist down.

Yet NO ONE realised the danger he was in. And NO ONE saved him.

He was on the child protection register of Haringey Council in North London - the same authority that failed to help doomed eight-year-old Victoria Climbie in the case that shocked the nation in 2000.

And Mr Cameron hammered home the point today saying: “This happened in the same children’s services department that was responsible for Victoria Climbie and yet again nobody is taking responsibility, nobody has resigned."

To date two social workers and a lawyer had received written warnings but refused to name them.

Tiny Baby P — hollow-cheeked and with his curly hair shaved off — died in his blood-spattered cot hours after he was punched so hard in the mouth he swallowed a bottom tooth.

That was probably the blow that finally killed him, causing a neck injury that affected his breathing, the Old Bailey heard yesterday.

The full horror of Baby P’s fate unfolded before the court as his stepdad and a lodger stood trial for his murder.

They were told how the tot’s jobless stepdad, a 32-year-old sadist who cannot be named, tortured the mite to “toughen him up”.

The child’s 27-year-old mother, who also cannot be named, and paedophile lodger Jason Owen, 36, stood by as the abuse went on.

The jury found the stepdad — a collector of Nazi memorabilia including knives — guilty of causing or allowing Baby P’s death. He was cleared of murder as jurors could not agree on which of the three adults caused all the tot’s injuries.

The Sun can reveal he was once arrested on suspicion of torturing his dying gran to force her to change her will. No charges were pressed.

Baby P’s mother, described as a hardcore porn-watching “slob,” admitted allowing him to die.

National Front member Owen, who joined the pair in their filthy council house with his 15-year-old girlfriend, was convicted of the same charge. All three face up to 14 years’ jail.

Baby P’s back was broken by being forced over a bent knee or banister, the court heard.

His ears were torn where he had been lifted off the ground and fingernails, fingertips and a toenail were missing. He had lesions on his scalp — and his lips were ripped.

The stepdad also “trained” Baby P to sit on the floor with his head between his legs for half an hour until he clicked his fingers. Police images of the tot’s injuries and stained clothes were shown to jurors.

Prosecuting QC Sally O’Neill told how a family friend revealed the depth of the abuse as the child was used like a punchbag.

She said the stepdad would “pick him up by his throat, punch him and spin him around on the computer chair until he fell off”.

Time after time, social workers noticed marks on the boy’s skin. But they fell for a pack of lies they were told by the mum. She claimed Baby P was a “head-banger” who kept bumping into hard objects.

They did not see through her even though she smeared CHOCOLATE over his injuries to conceal them.

The blunders continued even after the mother was arrested on suspicion of assaulting Baby P. The child was handed to a friend. But social workers soon returned him to his mum. He died the day after she was told she would face NO charges.

No one realised the stepdad was living in the house even though three dogs were there, including a rottweiler owned by the brute.

Police said they would have objected if they had known either man was there. The £110,000-a-year head of Haringey Children’s Services refused to resign last night — as it emerged SHE had led an “independent” review of the case. Sharon Shoesmith concluded NONE of her social workers should be sacked.

She blamed paediatrician Sabah Alzayyat, the doctor who failed to notice the tot’s broken back.

Child protection charity Kidscape called for “heads to roll” and said: “This child was seen 60 times and yet nobody did a thing. It’s pathetic.”

Children’s Minister Beverley Hughes announced a nationwide review of child protection services.

Today Ms Hughes said further examination was needed of the senior management levels of Haringey Council to see if anyone should take responsibility for the death of Baby P.

Ms Hughes said she believed the chief executive of Haringey and councillors needed to look at whether anyone at a higher level should be held accountable.

“I think the council has a responsibility, it is an elected body, it has the responsibility to ask itself the question, in the light of this case, whether there is an accountability at another level in the management of this case,” she told GMTV.

after reading in the sun, what had happened, i have to say i was discusted and shocked that shit like this actually happens.

what for a coward beats a child to death.

in your opinion what should the punishment be for people who do shit like this?
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#14393 - 11/13/08 09:44 PM Re: Baby P's death outrage [Re: Marilyn]
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That is just sickening. Almost as sickening as the fact that this abuse took place is the fact no one intervened.

I say anyone who worked for that organization, and had contact with the baby when the abuse was going on; should be fired and banned from working with children forever. The director of the organization should definately lose their job as well for allowing such negligent employees to work there.

As for the punishments: all three of them should be beaten to death. Make the punishment fit the crime. This method of execution should be undertaken over a prolonged period of time. This child suffered, so should those responsible for it.
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#14538 - 11/16/08 03:44 PM Re: Baby P's death outrage [Re: 6Satan6Archist6]
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I agree wholeheartedly on all points. I think the social service workers should face charges also, though, and possibly even the doctor. This is their JOB. They have been trained in how to spot this sort of thing. They aren't just handed a clipboard and tossed out into the sea.

Those responsible should face the same fate...I agree there too. Perhaps if punishments were doled out "eye for an eye" style, people would think twice before they acted like fuckers.

Horrific. That's all I can think.


#14541 - 11/16/08 04:07 PM Re: Baby P's death outrage [Re: ceruleansteel]
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Those people. Any and ALL involved whether they did it, or didn't do anything about it, should all have a public meeting called. They should have their case read to the public, cuffed, and released to the public to do with them what they will.

The reason they should be cuffed is to make them as defensless as the child and many before it have been.

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#14549 - 11/16/08 07:19 PM Re: Baby P's death outrage [Re: blsk]
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I say the people in social services who handled the case should be sacked and banned from being anywhere near children; even their own.

As for the people who committed such a horrific act, they should have their human rights taken away and be beaten daily. They should not be killed, for death is too good for fucking cowards like these things. They should suffer for the rest of their pathetic lives, knowing that they cannot die until their bodies naturally give up, and cannot be killed. Therefore, no escape from their own torture.
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#14565 - 11/17/08 12:56 AM Re: Baby P's death outrage [Re: DistroyA]
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In a similar case in nyc, the mother got 42 years and the stepfather got 24 years.

24 cause he killed her.
42 because she let him.

Didnt do a damn thing, had another few incidents of the same thing aftewards with different people.

Carlin had it right, you need a licence for a car, you should have a licence for a kid.

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#14574 - 11/17/08 04:34 AM Re: Baby P's death outrage [Re: Marilyn]
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To be honest, I doesn't do me no much. Bad things happen all the time.

Still, there is one interesting sentence in the whole article:

The jury found the stepdad — a collector of Nazi memorabilia including knives — guilty of causing or allowing Baby P’s death.

Seriously, have you ever read an article mentioning: The jury found the stepdad — a collector of religious memorabilia including bibles — guilty of causing or allowing Baby P’s death?


#14589 - 11/17/08 02:35 PM Re: Baby P's death outrage [Re: Diavolo]
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Doubtless, if he had a Satanic Bible in his collection, it would be mentioned in the media (not to mention in court), as has happened with other fuckhead criminals who happen to own one.

An interesting point is that some Christian fundamentalist literature openly advocates the smacking/spanking of children as a Biblically-approved form of discipline (after all, Proverbs did not merely talk about 'using the rod' in a figurative sense).
Yet such literature is unlikely to raise an eyebrow.

#14593 - 11/17/08 03:54 PM Re: Baby P's death outrage [Re: Meq]
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My friend works in the local morgue. She is a technical pathologist. Interesting and horrible job all at once. Anyway, not much can upset her, except when kids come in like this. It's so incredibly horrible to think that someone could treat a child like this. There was a case recently in Adelaide of a step father beating a 3 year old to death, rupturing his spleen and then video taping them teasing the child and telling him he was a weak arsed sissy, because he was crying in pain.

It made me physically ill to think about it.........and the mother, teasing the kid too and letting it happen. What is wrong with some people? I hope she never gets out of prison. It's cases like these that the death penalty should be brought back for. People that do that type of stuff to kids, don't deserve to live.

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#14606 - 11/17/08 07:43 PM Re: Baby P's death outrage [Re: ZephyrGirl]
Morgan Offline

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They are too stupid to live.
They should have had a licence.

It will probably come out in the trial that they were abused as children, and thought that type of behavior was normal.

They will try to blame the child as a way of explaining their actions. The 3 year old was bad and they were forced to beat him.

I doubt if they will see the error of what they did, or take responsibility for it.

People suck and are too stupid to live, the whole lot of them should be shot.

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#16866 - 12/25/08 12:40 AM Re: Baby P's death outrage [Re: Morgan]
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That sort of stuff just makes me sick- how could that poor kid have seen SO MANY doctors and slipped through the cracks like that? It can only point to gross negligence on the part of everyone involved, parents, doctors, neighbours that surely would have heard that baby crying constantly, the list goes on...

I think the bastards that abused such a poor, helpless innocent should be publicly strung up, slowly and painfully castrated, then jailed for the rest of their miserable lives, where they can be the official punching bags for their fellow inmates- they could also allow public access ,so anyone could just walk off the street and give em a good flogging.Everything that happened to that kid should happen to them, over and over again, until they die in excruciating agony.

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