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#14707 - 11/19/08 10:27 PM Jake's Turbo Turkey Sandwich
Jake999 Offline
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This time of year, good turkey is easy to come by... leftovers abound! Tired of that same ol' left over sandwich? Here's my Turbo Turkey.

French roll
1 Layer Mayo
1 Layer Sharp Swiss Cheese
1 Layer Turkey
1 Layer Turkey Dressing
1 Layer Cranberry Sauce
1 Layer Shredded Cheddar
Dijon Mustard

Good stuff!!!
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#14734 - 11/20/08 03:39 PM Re: Jake's Turbo Turkey Sandwich [Re: Jake999]
ta2zz Offline
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I make something very close to this, around here we call them gobblers...

Fresh turkey is substituted with Boar's head Oven Gold Turkey breast with a small portion of StoveTop stuffing... Making it a year round sandwich...
Add a dash of pre-made brown gravy as I'm not fond of turkey gravy and a spoon full of jellied cranberries...


I have not tried it with cheese or mustard I will admit... Sounds tasty...
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#14766 - 11/20/08 06:44 PM Re: Jake's Turbo Turkey Sandwich [Re: Jake999]
Woland Moderator Offline
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Oh Xist in a basket!

I do love my turkey leftover sandwhich.
It has been a tradition of mine to serve them to friends & neighbours the day after; whenever...

I will indeed try out your recipe.
Although; wouldnt the meat drown in all those flavours?

I tend to be kinda puristic in my sandwhiches.
My recipe:

My filling is tasty and I police it intensly during the meal.
I am a closet-saucier; the sauce means everything to me.
The quintessence of the murdered animal, captured through ingenious collection of sacred bodily fluids, blended with double-cream, assorted fresh spices and reduced stock from poultry and venison.

As a father of four daughters, I have to rise and semi-shine at the most un-christianlike hours of the day.
When human wreckage (friends & neighbours suffering from their own miscalculations) appears on my doorstep, I will serve:

Good & healthy home baked bread, with a thick layer of aforemetioned xtremly creamy sauce, a generous layer of filling topped up with prime turkey meat. That is; succulent meat from around the bones and nicely spiced crisp turkey skin.
This; served with a chilled brew, will send most of aforementioned human wreckage back in to the arms of sweet Morpheus in the certain hope that their poxy offspring will manage on their own for a couple of hours.


Think Ill go for Turkey come Sunday...


Contra Mundum!

#14775 - 11/20/08 07:56 PM Re: Jake's Turbo Turkey Sandwich [Re: Woland]
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Gotta have a good, thick layer of turkey! I like to get a good mix of white and dark meat going.

The other flavors never seemed to over power the turkey for me.
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