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#14807 - 11/22/08 12:19 PM Stereotypes cont...
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I know that there was a thread about this a while back and would've posted this in that thread however I could not locate it using search or browsing back in the other genres.

I was going to to post this in the thread about racism, but then looking at what I wrote it seemed what I was going to say would do better in a thread about stereotypes.

I find that stereotypes are one of societies most usefull tools for one's personal gain. I say this because if you look at stereotypes for different categories of people say the hispanics for example, some stereotypes that I have heard in my life would be laziness, people that only take up wellfare and blah blah blah. Well this stereotype can be used as motivation to prove people wrong on the hispanics part. Which in the persons desire to prove someone else wrong would lead to their success.

Also look at people who decide to fight stereotypes by public speaking and saying that they are wrong and everyone should live a life where their are no biased opinions. What a great way to wear the "good guy badge."

But just like everything else in the world we have cons as well as pros. Stereotypes can be counterproductive to society in a sense because there will always be the narrow minded, unmotivated, and uneducated individuals who have the reasoning to say things like "well they expect me to be like this so I will act like it."
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#14850 - 11/24/08 09:03 AM Re: Stereotypes cont... [Re: Ringmaster]
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This is a bit of a baby/bathwater issue in my opinion. Although categorizing a group based on it's skin tone is in an of itself not very useful, judging the same group based on it's cultural background can be useful in some instances.

Does every black man steal? No, of course not. Would you walk through a black neighborhood after dark? Probably not.

If you wanted a good taco, would you go to a restaurant run by mexicans, or one run by whites?

The odds of seeing someone that looks like APU running the local 7-11 are still quite high.

I guess it comes down to the balance factor. Yes Stereotypes can be used as gross over-generalizations. But they weren't created in a void, either.

#14914 - 11/27/08 12:04 AM Re: Stereotypes cont... [Re: Dan_Dread]
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Yea but stereotypes exist because of reality.
Most of the time, it was through the poor who would live close by each other and be of the same race. Pretty soon you notice that the Jewish shops are better, the Mexican food is spicier, the Indians run a better shop and the black neighborhoods are the most oppressed.
Stereotypes don't just extend to race though. Take religious stereotypes. Tell someone that you are a Satanist, and the moron just may think that you are going to kill a baby for the devil. When I tell people that I am a juggalo, I'm usually offered or asked for weed. If I wear all black in public, im stereotyped as rebellious. I used to be the one who would hold the weed for everyone because at the time i wore preppy clothing and never once got searched in public.

Stereotypes to sometimes make people go out of their way to prove them wrong. I make a point to explain what I am as im proving an ascociated stereotype wrong. If something bad happens and people around me are praying, I respect them and let them pray, but i dont pretend to pray with them.

Pretty soon stereotypes will be useless if everyone fights against them. I've shown people many times over that I neither kill babies or do massive amounts of weed and do drivebys.
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#14981 - 11/28/08 12:08 AM Re: Stereotypes cont... [Re: Phaethon]
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while no longer allowed in a politically correct society stereotypes are ALWAYS accurate, unless they are directed at yourself. then of course they are vicious lies.
police use them secretly and "minority" comedians build careers with them.
personally, I like them just fine.

#14985 - 11/28/08 01:56 AM Re: Stereotypes cont... [Re: Bacchae]
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I agree with Phaeton. If we think more about this matter, we find ourselves using stereotypes everyday. For example - i was discussing about this matter with my friend and he told, that if he heard someone saying "i believe in christianity" or "thanks god" saying - he is associating the person who said that as stupid, close minded heard beings.

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#15103 - 11/29/08 01:11 PM Re: Stereotypes cont... [Re: Lestat_from_lt]
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The funny thing about stereotypes is that many of are true. While not every stereotype is applicable to the person it describes it is true for some. I think that is why many get so butt-hurt over stereotypes. People know that many of them are true, but thinking about that violates their delicate sensibilities. Many people fear that agreeing with sterotypes will lead to them being viewed as racists in the eyes othere, but deep down they know the truth.
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