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#15387 - 12/03/08 07:44 AM Re: The fires of scrutiny [Re: Dan_Dread]
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I apologize if I misinterpreted your words. I believe I was reacting to this part.

 Originally Posted By: Dan_Dread

By this I mean every opinion, every belief, every meme, every memory and feeling, should be analyzed, scrutinized, and challenged with as much intellectual honesty as you can muster.

#15437 - 12/03/08 07:13 PM Re: The fires of scrutiny [Re: Picunnus]
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Well I can see how you might think I was talking about other people. I will try to be more clear in the future \:\)

#33640 - 01/07/10 08:11 AM Re: The fires of scrutiny [Re: Dan_Dread]
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I to this very day, having had this philosophy of self examination in the forefront for many years, am still rooting out erroneous beliefs from my psyche. Every time an idea I hold as true is exposed as false, I smile inside. That is REAL and positive growth. Every time an idea or opinion is assaulted and remains intact it emerges stronger. Either way sheltering ones opinions and ideas from attack, or defending them past their due date (intellectual dishonesty) really gets us nowhere.

Yes. This is applying the scientific method to the landscape of one's psyche. Nothing is raised to the status of theory unless and until the original hypothesis is tested empirically by an honest attempt to falsify it. Whatever cannot be falsified by any means is rejected out of hand. If falsification is attempted and fails, the hypothesis is tentatively accepted as a working theory. Each time falsification fails, the theory becomes more obviously worthy of providing a foundation for new thought and new behavior. As soon as falsification succeeds, the theory is junked.

The scientific method, whenever and wherever it is applied, elevates our species. Applied to one's psyche, it elevates the self.
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