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#12883 - 10/19/08 04:40 PM Re: Altruism and Satanism [Re: Dan_Dread]
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#13152 - 10/21/08 08:35 PM Re: Altruism and Satanism [Re: Dan_Dread]
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I rarely seen such common conclusion in a thread. It seem that our posts are really converging, look for instance what I posted earlier :
After all, when we act we always have a "good reason" to act this way. Or it was instinctive, and fullfiling the pulsion is rewarding. Or it's rationally decided and having the assurance of making the good choice, doing the right thing could also be viewed as rewarding. So any act has some kind of rewarding inherently in it. So no act is altruist!
This answers the initial question...

The post of Phaeton raised a new question in my mind : could altruism be in the interrest of the species and its existence justified by this?
Note: here altruism has to be understood as the "common acceptation" (see my post above). In other words, things that appeared or seems to be altruism.

A last example I would like to evoke : Chimp female do "baby sittting" in order the mother has "free time" to collect food.
Can it be viewed as a specie trick ?
Does the Chimp has a notion of self ? How to intrepret "unselfishness" for him then?
Does she have the capacity to calculate that if I don't do it for the others, the other will not do it for me?
Would it be fool to imagine that we inherited those kind of altruist behaviour from our ancestors?
Aren't we usually pleased to see a smiling baby and hurted or disgusted by seeing starving childs? So, we would be naturally pushed to take care of others or "help others in not starving"?

What do you think ?

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#13161 - 10/21/08 09:28 PM Re: Altruism and Satanism [Re: Fabiano]
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All I can really say is that animals usually keep a closer "society" then humans do. When they make that leap as a species to work together, they are incredibly dependent on others. They would most likely adopt a policy of helping each other, "ill watch your kid, then you watch mine." It was obviously more primal than that, but since it worked, these animal societies grew and became more common and effective than independent living.
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