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#16162 - 12/14/08 06:38 AM Re: Teen Satanists [Re: Phaethon]
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I disagree with you going to church for your parents benefit. I can understand being close to your parents, but if you don't like going then don't. I think it comes down to doing what YOU want. Parents or not, my point is to never accept things for what they are. CHANGE THEM TO YOUR LIKING. A talented satanist knows thats possible and does that in every aspect of their life.
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#16171 - 12/14/08 12:18 PM Re: Teen Satanists [Re: SevenDeadlySins]
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I really don't think there is any such thing as a 'teen Satanist' if the 'Satanist' in question still lives with mommy and daddy.

Doing what YOU want is all well and good, until it crosses the real authority..the one that is responsible for feeding/clothing/providing for you. If you truly feel 'oppressed' by your parents...move out. Stop being ungrateful for what they give you and provide for yourself. Only once you can carry your own weight can you really consider being your own god.

The sentiment of entitlement that comes from many young people today, that carries over into adulthood, is a sickening and downright damaging meme. What about merit? Responsibility to the responsible? Rebellion is a privilege not a right.

#16188 - 12/14/08 09:03 PM Re: Teen Satanists [Re: Dan_Dread]
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I'm still in college, but thanks to the scholarships and added up years of minimum-wage hell, I am "technically" financially self-dependent (but of course, I know my parents would help me out if I ever needed it, so I can't call myself truly independent knowing there's a safety net under me).

So one day when I'm visiting home my parents see the Satanic Bible in my bag (which I had just bought), and they completely flip out- especially when I try to defend it (I'm a bit too argumentative for my own good). I don't want to get too deep into it, but being Catholic, they were devastated and actually started questioning my mental health. So I realized I could salvage no victory, and there was no purpose in alienating my parents simply out of my desire to be right, so I backed off and now they think it's just some college-induced psuedointellectual phase I passed through.

Needless to say I am grateful to my parents, and Satanism was never about rebellion towards them. I don't care what they think my religion is- I don't need the opinion of others to validate my own beliefs.

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#17253 - 12/31/08 12:20 AM Re: Teen Satanists [Re: Diavolo]
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I'm 14 and I have been a Satanist for 4 years. You should only be a Satanist as a child if you can understand.
#17258 - 12/31/08 12:40 AM Re: Teen Satanists [Re: Chey]
fakepropht Moderator Offline
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Which you clearly couldn't at age 10. Just a few years prior to that you were still sucking on your mother's tit. Go play your Xbox and read your comic books.
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#17266 - 12/31/08 01:02 AM Re: Teen Satanists [Re: fakepropht]
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'True Satanists are born Satanists.' (LaVey, SPEAK OF THE DEVIL) Shame on you, fakeprophet.
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#17284 - 12/31/08 03:18 AM Re: Teen Satanists [Re: paolo sette]
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There's no reason to cite that quote; we've all heard it a million times.

Besides, we're talking about somebody whose balls probably just dropped last week.

Yes, Satanists have been Satanists all their life. But to identify yourself as a Satanist requires a degree of practical life experience, introspection, and research, that is simply ridiculous to obtain below 16-17 at the very least. How a ten-year-old could possibly be worldly, resolute and decisive enough to know he's a born Satanist is beyond me.
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#17286 - 12/31/08 03:28 AM Re: Teen Satanists [Re: The Zebu]
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If you knew how many "Satanists" I've known at 16-17 that are now something totally different, it might bewilder you... and each KNEW they were a Satanist. Each KNEW they were going to be the next High Priest.

Satanists ARE born that way. But just because someone thinks that they were, doesn't mean that they ARE.

We all want to be rich... we all think we're born to be. But if you're still digging that ditch and damning the fates that put you there when you're 45, chances are you might have been mistaken.
Bury your dead, pick up your weapon and soldier on.

#18615 - 01/22/09 03:02 PM Re: Teen Satanists [Re: paolo sette]
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 Originally Posted By: paolo sette
'True Satanists are born Satanists.' (LaVey, SPEAK OF THE DEVIL) Shame on you, fakeprophet.

Right. As I was a child, I was special in school. My classmates did throw some things to me, because they didn't like me. The reason for that was my old mobil phone or my dislike to some "cool" clothes.
I looked like a gothic because I liked the gothic music at this time as well. But I didn't call myself as a gothic.
I listened to Blutengel throw my walkman.

I during this time didn't know about Satanism. I hadn't any interests in it. I thought, Satanism is about sacrificing animals or taking drugs.

As I start the "Gymnasium" (sorry for the german word, I can't find the english one. It is the highest skilled school), I began to think, that there must be something more than the christian propaganda. I start to get stuff about another religions I did find in searching engines. All this was the same to me. Some days later I watched a reportage about "Satanism" (the one that sacrifices etc.) and I read something in the inetrnet just for fun and I was astonished about that it isn't that, that I've seen in television.

On further inetresting, I bought the Satanic Bible and did read it... At this time I awaked and I'm sure, who I am... a satanist :).

btw: I don't do gothic things anymore, because I changed to metal music. \:D

Greetings, Franky666
!!!Hail Satan!!!
Sorry about my bad English, I'm trying not to make any mistakes in grammar.

#19769 - 02/06/09 02:16 PM Re: Teen Satanists [Re: Franky 666]
joseph oreilly Offline

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Would you get less or more if society didn't comercailise it or perhaps oppressed it? To be honest the most satanic thing to do would be to betray the satanists if they were persecuted probably why most magor religions in the last 100,000 years were always full of strife.
#115634 - 01/28/18 07:51 PM Re: Teen Satanists [Re: Diavolo]
Ezra Offline

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In think being involved in a philosophy as deep as Satanism early on is very helpful. Much of a person's beliefs come from what they believed child . I think Satanism is perfect for refuge during teenage identity crisis. It provides Powerful insight in the world we live in.
#115666 - 02/02/18 03:16 PM Re: Teen Satanists [Re: Ezra]
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Damn, I feel I love my cat more because of Satanism , now. Yet, I'd love to have been put in such an identity crisis when I was a teenager. It would have been provided me of a powerful insight not of the world we live in, but of what I should avoid living in.

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#115820 - 02/19/18 04:29 PM Re: Teen Satanists [Re: Stefanie]
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I personally think that a teenager who is a Satanist is one that is harshly misunderstood.

I personally think it's okay for a teenager to be a Satanist because it was that a choice was a choice. LaVeyan Satanism has not proven itself to be too rambunctious, honestly. However, devil worship is something that I consider very relentlessly .... interesting, for a teenager to be.

There was a bit of a cost for some people to be a Satanist whilst being a teenager...

I don't think many teenagers know about Satanism honestly, at least the one that was "carnal".... I find it interesting that you are a teenager who is on here that is in fact a Satanist... you are very wise.

I heard that Atheism was bad to convert to, but Satanism? Oh dear.

This is my final word; if you are a teenager that wants to be a Satanist, that is okay.
One; Will you be one for the rest of eternity?
Two; Are you following by the rules of it?

There is one thing I've seen many wise and true Satanists say and that is the fact that it is not done properly by those who are not doing it properly, Stefanie. In fact, that is true.
I honestly believe it.

If you are really looking to impress someone, it's not going to be through Satanism.
If you are someone who wants to be a Satanist, you are not imposing on anyone here.
The truth is that you can impress someone with being a Satanist so just remember that. Just remember that you are very impressive in a Satanist way.

It's a lot of thinking! You must be very critical in your thoughts, of course.....
What I am trying to point out is that you are young.
When people are young, it's interesting because they don't know as much.
I just want you to know that this is a very brilliant and important theism.

Just remember that I'm not stopping a teenager from being a Satanist... however I know that some other people will and that is WRONG.

Now, you seem like a very smart girl. I was just curious about how long you were a Satanist?
I was also curious if you had any other people around you who was a Satanist?
Let me tell you the truth; I wish all the happiness for you.


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