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#14908 - 11/26/08 04:59 PM School Paper.
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So because of Bushes stupid ass (again), schools have to do something in class for "Amendment Day." The instructor is having us write on an amendment of our choice. Now, knowing she is a bit of a jesus freak I thought I would touch on the First Amendment. This is what I have so far and was asking anything YOU might have that I could include. Mind you this was slapped together so opinions or corrections are wanted as well.

The First Amendment protects freedom of speech, press, religion, assembly and petition.
Although it prevents religious minorities from being persecuted, the govt. from establishing a national religion (or theocracy), and protesters from being silenced, it does come with a strongly argued "grey area." It also lacks a freedom FROM religion and press which, in my opinion, is just as crucial for true freedom to exist.
Most people believe in the right to free speech, but debate whether it should cover flag-burning, hard-core rap and heavy-metal lyrics, tobacco advertising, hate speech, pornography, nude dancing, solicitation and various forms of free expression.
Most people at some level, recognize the necessity of religious liberty and toleration, but some balk when a religious tenet of a minority religion conflicts with a generally applicable law or with their own religious faith. Many Americans see the need to seperate the state from the church to some extent, but decry the banning of school-sponsored prayer from public schools and the removal of the ten commandments from public buildings; as stated from the First Amendment Center.
There can be no true seperation from church and state so long as people of faith hold an official position as these peoples freedoms of expression are protected the same as the general publics.
The only way for there to be a true seperation of church and state is for people of said positions to be athiestic or agnostic. Until then, people such as judges and law enforcement can and will incorporate their religious views into their decision-making, resulting in unnecessary convictions or sentences so long as it does not violate standing laws (written by men of faith).
From self-preservation to stem cells, "religious freedom" continues to influence the lives of the American people by forcing the recognition of their beliefs therefore hampering the potential of man as a species.

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#14909 - 11/26/08 05:16 PM Re: School Paper. [Re: blsk]
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You are asking us to do your homework for you?

Are you kidding?

I will offer one piece of advice though...get a spell checker.

#14912 - 11/26/08 11:45 PM Re: School Paper. [Re: Dan_Dread]
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Sadly, The U.S. is founded on Xtian beliefs. Yea everyone has a right to free speech and religion, but in a democracy, what people feel plays a major role. Amendments or not, if i was converting people to Satanism, (something I don't try to do) id get much more hassle then the man with the sign saying that we are all going to hell.

I've done similar papers relating to first amendment in school.
I read an article a while back about how the Satanic Bible isn't allowed in schools, yet the real one is. And how Muslims can stop in class for prayer, satanists can just leave class to perform rituals. Its all based on what they feel is right.

Mention that.. how its still the opinion of those in power since they can label the Satanic Bible and such as disruptive.
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